How To Save On Online Shopping

How To Save On Online Shopping
31 Oct


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E-commerce is so easy and super convenience especially when you are living a busy hectic lifestyle. You can literally buy everything online from food to clothes to electronics and more.

However, do not take the convenience for granted and not doing your best to save money on online shopping. Here are some of the tips I often practice to maximize my total savings every time I place my online order :

Compare Prices

how to save on online shopping shopcoupons laptop

This is the main advantage of online shopping! With just clicks on the mouse, you can easily compare prices before you make a purchase by visiting few online stores at your own comfort place. Price comparison will help you to get the best deal. There is no better way to save cost than comparing prices before you purchase anything.

Most online stores offer better discount rates on weekdays to lure customers visit their websites. So, try and explore those instead of shop online on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Sign Up Newsletters

how to save on online shopping shopcoupons newsletter

It is worth signing up for your favorite online stores’ newsletters to get those coupon codes and sale alerts to save you money.

If you do not wish to clog your inbox with these subscribed newsletters, here’s how I manage it. Create a filter to send all your online shopping emails into a separate folder. When the shopping itch hits you, just click into the folder and browse through your personalized deal feed.

Search for Digital Coupons

how to save on online shopping shopcoupons digital deals

Spend some time to check out the latest offers, you can save a lot of money by getting discounts and coupons for your online purchases. Some online stores will send you attractive goodies if you do not mind to ‘like’ their Facebook page or follow them on Instagram.

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There are also many websites that show you coupon codes for online shopping, and my personal favourite would be the ShopCoupons. It brings you the very best exclusive voucher codes, deals and sales for leading online stores to help you save while you shop in Malaysia for free!

Just look for the online store, click on the deal or coupon code that you are interested in and save. For example Shopee, one of the leading e-commerce marketplaces in Malaysia, that I often use the Shopee promo code from ShopCoupons. You can also sign up for a free account to save your deals and get exclusive emailing when your favourite online store has a good deal. No catch, is that simple!

With over a thousand smart online shoppers have already signed up to ShopCoupons’ weekly newsletter, you can expect only the best deals in Malaysia from them. So, wait no more and be part of the community of savers now!

Loyalty Reward Programs or Cashbacks

how to save on online shopping shopcoupons cashback

If you shop frequently on certain online stores, why not sign up for their loyalty reward programs. You can collect points to exchange for discounts or gifts as you make purchases. Some online stores will even offer free shipping delivery for their loyal customers.

Cashback is getting popular among the customers to earn cash, points or credits for your online shopping. Since you are going to purchase anyway, so why not get a little something back at the same time?

Avoid Shipping Charges

how to save on online shopping shopcoupons free shipping

Free delivery is another best way to save money on online purchases. Some sellers offer free delivery of goods, while some online stores offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount on your order.

The delivery fee might be a small amount, but if you are a frequent online shopper, it will accumulate to a significant amount of money at the end of the day.

how to save on online shopping shopcoupons

Millions of people are buying items online, and everyone is looking for a way to save money. Learn to be a savvy online shopper now. With a little extra effort, you can get the best price and save a lot of money!

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