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Grab Collaborates with PDRM’s NUR Alert for #SaferEveryday
04 Mar

Grab Collaborates with PDRM’s NUR Alert for #SaferEveryday


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Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently went to the launching event of #SaferEveryday by Grab and NUR Alert, which aims to raise transport safety standards and to support community focused efforts on safety.

#safereveryday grab pdrm nur alert launching

Through the initiative and initial collaboration with the Royal Malaysia Police (Polis DiRaja Malaysia or PDRM), Grab driver-partners in 35 cities and major townships across Malaysia, will begin to receive time-sensitive and critical NUR Alerts.

#safereveryday grab pdrm nur alert speech

If you do not know what is NUR (National Urgent Response) Alert system yet, it is a national initiative that helps spread information related to missing children under the age of 12 as quickly as possible. Part of Malaysia’s National Child Protection Policy and Action Plan, NUR Alerts are shared by law enforcement and regulatory agencies when a police report is made indicating the possibility of a missing child being the victim of abuse or other crimes.

Grab will support the rapid dissemination of NUR Alerts and requests for assistance in finding missing children by alerting it’s network of hundreds of thousands of driver-partners instantly to be on the lookout and inform PDRM if they come across any news.

#safereveryday grab pdrm nur alert yb hannah yeoh

“The importance of quick, decisive action cannot be overstated when it comes to identifying, rescuing, recovering, or protecting any child in Malaysia who is the victim of any crime. The NUR Alert system is a key part of our national defense against anyone who would harm our children. The ability to share these alerts nationwide, to hundreds of thousands of dedicated Malaysians who are part of Grab’s network of driver-partners is a powerful addition to the existing efforts of PDRM, MCMC, and the host of other organisations who support our efforts to keep all the children and communities safe, everyday,” said YB Hannah Yeoh, Deputy Women, Family and Community Development Minister at Grab Malaysia’s offices here today.

#safereveryday grab pdrm nur alert group

#SaferEveryday is Grab’s wide focus in ensuring that the highest standards of safety are applied to every aspect of its business. Malaysia, where Grab’s safety focused Research and Development Centre is located, is part of the development and delivery of the brand’s ‘#SaferEveryday Tech Roadmap’ that includes measures specifically aimed at changing user safety habits – to drive long-term road behaviour change and to reduce the chance of incidents.

“Grab’s #SaferEveryday is our commitment towards creating a safer Southeast Asia. It is a long-term approach that focuses on core areas: safety tech roadmap; partnerships with like minded organisations like the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, and PDRM; and education programme, to make this promise a reality. Our goal has always been to provide an everyday service that matters to our customers as well as partners through the use of data and technology. As our footprint has grown through the years, so has our ability to use the Grab network in different ways. The authorities do their best, but the power of having hundreds of thousands of Malaysians looking out for each other, sharing information, and working together to make every day, safer for all of us – that’s truly key to helping us move forward as a nation”, said Sean Goh, Country Head, Grab Malaysia.

#safereveryday grab pdrm nur alert missing children

“Today, we are the only major player to invest in key resources like a 24/7 customer support centre, number masking, stringent driver background checks, and verification. We do not compromise on our users’ safety, and that’s why even as Grab has grown much larger over the years, safety is still a core part of our DNA, and we will continue to invest in it aggressively,” added Goh.

Grab’s #SaferEveryday is a regional campaign which aims to drive local safety initiatives across the 8 countries where Grab operates. More information on Grab’s commitments and goals can be found at www.grab.com/safety.


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