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5 Reasons Why I Like OSIM’s uDivine V Massage Chair
27 Oct

5 Reasons Why I Like OSIM’s uDivine V Massage Chair

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Thanks for the wonderful invitation, I recently went to the launching event of uDivine V, the latest massage chair by OSIM designed for a new generation of hustlers who aspires to dream big, breaks boundaries and live life to the fullest.

osim udivine v massage chair ivy kam

Bringing you a new world of dream-like rejuvenation, I like its cutting-edge massage technologies such as the V Hand™ Technology with 720° roller balls , 4-Hands Massage, downloadable massage programs, and a suite of customisable manual massage options and professional massage programs, all melded into one single massage chair.

osim udivine v massage chair v hand technology

V Hand™ Technology with 720° Roller Balls
The improvisation of the massage technologies has a distinctive V Hand™ Technology with 720° Roller Balls, emulating the skilful techniques and flexibility of a masseuse’ hands for a realistic grip. The 720° Roller Balls rotate 360° in both directions, rolling along contours of the body, rubbing down to every bit of the tired muscles, elevating your pleasure and satisfaction to the next level.

4-Hands Massage Technlogy
OSIM uDivine V is also built with the premium feature of the 4-Hand massage technology modelled after the highly coveted synchronised 4 hand massages by luxurious spa, rejuvenating the upper and lower parts of the body, giving an amazing feeling of relaxation, easiness and inner tranquility.

Limitless Massage Combinations
uDivine V offers head-to-toe care for complete relaxation in different massage intensities, massage techniques and roller positions, providing endless massage combinations via the manual massage settings. Personalised massage attained at best, recline the uDivine V to the preferred angle or adjust the expandable side panels and extendable foot massager to suit different body physiques within the family.

Curated Suite of Auto Massage Programs
OSIM uDivine V offers a suite of professional massage programs that are designed by the resident Japanese Chiropractic Massage Expert, Sato Tsuyoshi. His years of experience in massage treatments has provided him insights on the users’ needs, and the knowledge to design effective lifestyle massage programs that not only target your pain points to deliver a precise massage but also indulgently enjoyable.

osim udivine v massage chair in-built speakers

Immersive Sound Quality with In-built Speakers
The in-built speakers allows users to indulge in a massage accompanied by melodious music. I can choose to play from my favourite playlist or from the OSIM Music Library that is specially created to relax as we indulge in the full body massage by the OSIM uDivine V.

Smart Safety Features
It is equipped with smart safety sensors to prevent mechanisms from overheating, and should the sensors detect objects that are in the way when reclining, the moving parts such as the backrest and the footrest will come to a halt to ensure the safety of the user as well as young children or pets in the house.

I also like its minimalistic, streamlined design that accented with modern polished chrome and V-shaped patterned leatherette, creates a sense of modernity that embodies the new generation. The uDivine V comes in 5 vibrant colours – Blue, Yellow, Purple, Copper and Grey.

osim udivine v massage chair dream series

To mark the launch of the Dream Series, OSIM is thrilled to introduce multi-hyphenated success JJ Lin as the global ambassador of uDivine V. One of the international stage with his record breaking album sales and concert tours, JJ Lin has become an inspiration to many that dreams do come true, and this perfectly encapsulates the aspirational qualities of uDivine V in the Dream Series. He is also the first Singaporean to join the OSIM family of renowned ambassadors such as Andy Lau, Sammi Cheng and Lee Min Ho.

osim udivine v massage chair promotion

Owning a massage chair is no longer a dream with OSIM uDivine V. Offered at an excitingly affordable price, this highly advanced massage chair can now be easily afforded by the young go-getters. The preview promotion price is at RM10,888**, limited to 1st 200 units only (UP : RM12,888). **36 months instalment plan is available from RM302.44 per month.


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