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Napoleon V Marengo XO Brandy & Feranttino Red Wine, Perfect CNY Gift-Giving Choice

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Struggling to find that perfect gift for your business partners and client associates to celebrate this Chinese New Year? If they like to enjoy life to the fullest, the Napoleon V Marengo XO Brandy and Feranttino Red Wine are your ideal choice for this year festive gift-giving.

jin ye ye cny gifting napoleon v marengo xo brandy premium

Napoleon, the hero in the eyes of the French, left a significant impression for his battles as a commander in the military history. The famous Battle of Marengo led by Napoleon, not only preserved the French revolutionary regime, but is also the proudest victory in Napoleon’s life ever since. The horses that Napoleon rode in one of the world’s famous paintings, “Napoleon Crossing the Alps” are named after the Battle of Marengo.

jin ye ye cny gifting napoleon v marengo xo brandy box packaging

Powerful XO (RM438)
Red represents power, enthusiasm, and is also a lucky colour. As a symbol of confidence, the red Powerful XO is made to celebrate passion and verve.

Supreme XO (RM418)
Gold is a brilliant lustre with a radiant charm. The stricking metallic gold bottle is a symbol of wealth and power, which interprets luxury, elegance and classics.

Premium XO (RM398)
Black is associated with mystery, power and strength. It is a calm colour which is superior, magnificent, and of high grade, yet exquisite and extravagant in a low profile.

Each and every bottle of Napoleon V Marengo XO Brandy resembles the heroism in making history and the courage to breakthrough. The story behind its brand made it the perfect gift-giving choice to wish your business partners and client associates this festive season.

jin ye ye cny gifting napoleon v marengo xo brandy smooth taste

Napoleon V Marengo XO Brandy is smooth and mellow, rich in texture, has strong yet delicate taste, I enjoy it very much.

Whether it is a festive holiday, birthday, or you are just heading to a friend’s, wine is always a go-to when it comes to gift-giving.

jin ye ye chinese new year hamper feranttino italy red wine

During his vagabond journey to Veneto, Feranttino, who was once a young artist, was so intrigued with the discovery of red wine that his interest in it started to grow. Feranttino cleverly combined the beauty of red wine with art to create the most unique wine of the finest taste.

In appreciation and honour for his efforts in developing an artistic atmosphere and creating such fine red wine with the taste of Veneto, the following generations had named his brewing technique and red wine “Feranttino”.

Feranttino’s red wine is fruity, sophisticated and rich, the Merlot grapes harmoniously integrated touches of toasted oak. I enjoy its taste and texture, which is soft on palate, balanced and round with an excellent persistence.

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