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All-New Luscious Durian Lava Cake @ Domino’s Pizza
08 Apr

All-New Luscious Durian Lava Cake @ Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza

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Combining the classic lava cake and the king of fruits durian, would you dare to give it a try?

Being an adventurous dessert lover, I find this Durian Lava Cake is so luscious, decadent and heavenly. It is undoubtedly a dessert that’s for sure to satisfy especially durian lovers’ taste buds.

dominos pizza durian lava cake dessert online order

This newest dessert by Domino’s Pizza is made with a scrumptious and delicate cake with a flavorful taste of durian filled with oozy, gooey durian filling made with real D24 flesh. What better way to enjoy the flavors of your favorite fruit in the comfort of your home.

Enlightening on the concept of the creation of the Durian Lava Cake, Linda Hassan, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia & Singapore said, “Catering to the various taste profiles of our customer base and in line with our brand promise of ‘It’s All About You’, we wanted to create a dessert that would appeal to durian lovers as well as those who are adventurous in their choice for desserts.”

“As durian is an acquired taste, we were determined in creating a dessert that would be enjoyable for all. Those who have second thoughts about durian, we dare you to give this a try with your family and friends. Our newest Durian Lava Cake is specially crafted in a special way to mask the smell of durian without compromising on the flavors. The hint of durian flavor offers a unique taste, while the exquisite center filling gives it a distinctive and unforgettable experience. So what are you waiting for? #WeDareYouToTry!”

dominos pizza durian lava cake dessert movement control order

Domino’s stands firm by its promise of 30-minute delivery guarantee and product satisfaction guarantee. Its commitment is demonstrated by a no-cancellation policy, and a refund or replacement of the order will be provided if a customer is not satisfied with the order.

In line with the Movement Control Order (MCO) period, Domino’s operating hours may differ as per permitted operating hours according to local councils in each state. Its commitment to the safety of its delivery riders and customers is evident with the implementation of its mandatory Zero Contact services.

dominos pizza durian lava cake dessert packaging

“Being a customer-centric brand that focuses on obsesi pelanggan, we are aware of the taste profiles of our Malaysian customer base, and we truly understand the current circumstances that we are facing right now. As much as we take great care in our deliveries through our mandatory Zero Contact service, we are pleased to couple it with great product offerings such as the Durian Lava Cake. We hope our customers will enjoy this latest dessert and satisfy their durian cravings as they stay safe at home,” elaborated Shamsul Amree, Chief Executive Officer, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia.

dominos pizza durian lava cake dessert new product

The Durian Lava Cake is available from April 6 onwards for a limited time only. To try out this all-new dessert, kindly visit Domino’s stores or order online at www.dominos.com.my.


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