• Friday, 3 July 2020

Tag: KFC Malaysia

13 Aug

The New KFC Tasty Travels KFC Malaysia is taking its fans on a tasty travel adventure to Thailand with their latest offering, the new KFC Tasty Travels featuring two...

20 Jun

An Irresistible Combination Of Tangy And Crunch KFC Malaysia has taken fried chicken to a whole new level with the new KFC Tangy Crunch chicken, a revelation that will...

03 Mar

More ‘Zing’ In KFC’s New Zinger Reloaded Burger The classic KFC Zinger burger we all love so much now comes with an added ‘zing’ making it much more ama’zing’...

01 Jan

Taste Adventure In Every Bite! KFC has done it again, bringing back the chewy cheese to its menu range. This delightful product was created last year and due to...

24 Oct

The Latest Creation KFC Crazy Crunch With A Uniquely Indescribable Taste Accompanying the new KFC Crazy Crunch are two new items, the delicious butterscotch bun and Sjora Mango Peach...

07 Sep

Give Your Help In Ending World Hunger KFC and Pizza Hut Malaysia are extending their invitation to all Malaysians to join them in their yearly initiative to help end...

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