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Irresistible Fish Feast @ Di Wei Chinese Restaurant, Empire Hotel Subang
11 Sep

Irresistible Fish Feast @ Di Wei Chinese Restaurant, Empire Hotel Subang

Di Wei Chinese Restaurant

Level 1, Empire Hotel Subang
Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 603-5565 1268 / 1388
FB : Empire Hotel Subang

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun

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Thanks to the lovely invitation from Di Wei Chinese Restaurant, I recently got the chance to sample their 3 highlighted best-sellers fish dishes that will be featured permanently in the new revamp menu soon.

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Be surrounded by the mystique and romance of the Oriental East and feast on masterfully reproduced modern Cantonese delights. Embark on an epicurean journey of diverse ingredients, fresh meat and versatile cooking techniques that have made this particular variety of Chinese cuisine one of the most popular worldwide.

Tastefully decorated in pearly white and yellow golden color tones, the urban classy restaurant interior featured quite a number of Chinese patterns on the walls, lights and furniture in simple minimalist form, providing an ideal venue for both casual dining with family and friends or an intimate romantic dinner.


Braised Marble Goby Fish (RM168++ per portion)

One of the best sellers at Di Wei, this house specialty Braised Marble Goby Fish with Ice Beancurd was crispy on the outside and tender and moist on the inside. Usually steam-cooked at most restaurants, the talented chef here prepared this 1kg fish dish with a unique method instead. Chef deep fried the Marble Goby fish first till 50% cook, then braised it together with pork belly in his special sauce, a mix of oyster sauce and beancurd paste as the main ingredients.

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Pan Fried Giant Grouper (RM23++ per 100g)

Much sought after by fish lovers, the Giant Grouper that served at Di Wei Chinese Restaurant was farm bred and carefully selected for the natural sweet taste.

Chef pan fried the Giant Grouper till golden brown crisp, and paired it with a refreshing green apple gravy that cooked together with vinegar, sugar and small amount of green chili, which I enjoyed very much this surprisingly creative combination.

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Steamed Seabass (RM12++ per 100g)

Featuring one of the local favorite tastes, this Seabass was prepared in an appetizing assam sauce, using a combination of Chinese and Malay spices and ingredients. Seabass, usually deep fried, chef steamed it instead to perfection in his own-mixed unique assam sauce with aubergine and long beans.

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Di Wei Chinese Restaurant is located at Level 1 of Empire Hotel Subang. The other entrance will be via Empire Shopping Gallery from the first floor. For reservations, please call 603 5565 1268 / 1388 or email to diwei@empirehotel.com.my.


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