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Yunnan Pu-erh Tea Brick For Lunar New Year 2015 @ TWG Tea
17 Jan

Yunnan Pu-erh Tea Brick For Lunar New Year 2015 @ TWG Tea


TWG Tea, the finest luxury tea company in the world, revisits an ancient craft this Lunar New Year with its first ever Yunnan Pu-erh Tea Brick, just in time for the Year of the Goat. Often regarded as one of the most treasured, expensive and collectable teas in the world, Pu-Erh is also one of the most difficult teas to authenticate.

In launching their own, certified harvest from one of the most renowned tea estates in Yunnan, TWG Tea has revolutionized the tea industry once again. Packaged in a luxurious matte red and gold gift box adorned with a silk ribbon, the TWG Tea Pu-erh Tea Brick is a perfect gift for the Lunar New Year season.

The Pu-erh Tea Brick was created thanks to an exciting collaboration between TWG Tea President, CEO and Co-founder Taha Bouqdib, and the celebrated Meng Hai tea garden in Yunnan – the most prestigious in the Pu-erh prefecture.

After selecting the finest grade of loose tea leaves, TWG Tea innovators oversaw the ageing process of the tea, which is shaped and pressed into unique, densely compacted disks. After two years of maturation, the resulting aged tea leaves must be pried off before they can be infused into a rich and intense cup that boasts an earthy flavour and aroma. The Pu-erh Brick Tea contains 100g of loose tea, priced at RM319.

Fetching hundreds and even thousands of dollars at auction, Pu-Erh tea bricks are the most sought-after teas in the world. As with any valuable collectable, customers will be delighted to discover that TWG Tea has invested in certifying this collectable tea brick as a veritable 2013 spring harvest which can be enjoyed immediately, or aged in dry and airy conditions in its handmade paper wrap for years to come. Each passing year will improve and mellow the flavour and aroma of the tea, yielding new complexities on the palate.


TWG Tea Longevity Haute Couture Tea

TWG Tea, the world’s finest luxury tea brand, ushers in Chinese New Year with Longevity Tea, of the beloved Haute Couture Tea Collection. Comprised of a mélange of the rarest white teas from the Fujian province, this limited edition grand classic blend boasts delicate, downy leaves – the first shoots to appear after a snowy winter.

What better way to preserve tradition than by wishing one’s elders good fortune and a blessed long life with this joyful cup. The Longevity Haute Couture Tea is beautifully packaged in a brilliant red tin with its namesake Chinese character luxuriously emblazoned in gold. Symbolizing prosperity and good luck, it is the perfect well-wishing gift when visiting friends and family during this auspicious season.

This magical medley of white teas will envelop your senses with its fragrant essence, and the delicate infusion yields a raw and crystalline flavour, refreshing the palate and the soul. TWG Tea’s Longevity Tea… a joyful blend to extend the brevity of existence! An Haute Couture tine with 100g of loose Longevity Tea retails at RM125.

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