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Jim Jom, MAMA Instant Noodles & Mookata @ Soi 19 Thai Steamboat & BBQ
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Jim Jom, MAMA Instant Noodles & Mookata @ Soi 19 Thai Steamboat & BBQ

Soi 19 Thai Steamboat & BBQ

11 & 15, Ground Floor, Jalan 1A/114
Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 6017-699 0889
FB : Soi 19 Thai Steamboat & BBQ

Business Hours :
Mon – Thurs 5 p.m. – 2:30 a.m. ; Fri – Sun 5 p.m. – 3 a.m.


Known for its Jim Jom and Mookata, I recently went to Soi 19 Thai Steamboat & BBQ which is located in Kuchai Lama area to try out some of their mouth-watering Thai cuisine. They also have another outlet at Damansara Utama named Nong Mai by Soi 19.

soi 19 thai food kuchai lama outlet

Soi 19 was awarded recently with the World Top Gourmet Award 2017 for excellence in the hospitality, food and beverage industries, which was organised by the World Gourmet Chapter of the International Business Federation.

soi 19 thai food kuchai lama pork spring roll

We had the refreshing appetizer Thai Pork Spring Roll (RM9.90) to kick start our tantalizing Thai cuisine journey at Soi 19. Instead of succulent whole prawn, chef wrapped the appetizing filling of minced pork, lettuce and julienned carrot with rice roll. Light taste with lots of textures, you can also dip it to the accompanied spicy green chilli sauce if you can handle their spiciness.

soi 19 thai food kuchai lama nam pork ribs

Goes perfectly well with a glass of chilled beer, these deep fried Nam Pork Ribs (RM9.90) was nicely seasoned with chef’s special sauce and taste so gooood!

soi 19 thai food kuchai lama spicy pork belly

More porkylicious appetizer for the diners at Soi 19! This Spicy 3-Layered Pork Belly (RM9.90) promises nothing but irresistible flavours with an equal amount of fat and lean. Good stuff.


soi 19 thai food kuchai lama mama instant noodles

For instant noodles fans, I am sure you are familiar with the popular brand ‘MAMA‘ from Thailand. Soi 19 introduced 5 new MAMA instant noodles dishes with different flavours and toppings to satisfy your craving at very affordable price.

Simply delicious with bold and robust flavours, spicy lovers can try out their MAMA BBQ Spicy Chicken (RM8.90, with grilled spicy chicken thigh, minced pork and boiled egg), MAMA Special Pork (RM8.90, with pork belly, minced pork and boiled egg), MAMA Seafood (RM10.90, with minced pork, squid ring, prawn, fish ball and boiled egg), and MAMA with Big Prawn (RM10.90, with big prawn, minced pork, fish ball and boiled egg).

soi 19 thai food kuchai lama mama instant noodles non spicy

Soi 19 also serves MAMA Bittergourd with Minced Pork (RM8.90) to cater for diners who can’t take spicy food. Served with minced pork, bitter gourd stuffed with minced pork and boiled egg in delightful pork broth, a simple yet comforting noodles dish for me without burning a hole in my wallet.


soi 19 thai food kuchai lama jim jom

Jim Jom, a popular Thai street food (Chim Chum) which believed from Laos or Cambodia, it is traditional cooked in a small clay pot on charcoal stove with chicken or pork and fresh herbs.

Soi 19 offers diners 2 selection, the Pork Set (RM39) served with slice pork, sirloin, and mixed vegetables, and Pork + Chicken Set (RM46.90) that comes with slice pork, sirloin, chicken and mixed vegetables. The flavourful broth was made from scratch by chef with fresh herbs like Thai basil, coriander, lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves and others.

soi 19 thai food kuchai lama jim jom chang beer

We also pour in Chang Beer into the broth to impart a beautiful subtle flavour to it. By the way, Chang Beer is available at Soi 19 with RM16.90 per bottle and RM33 for 2 bottles.

Chef also prepared 3 signature dipping sauces – Super Spicy Red Chilli Sauce, Sweet Spicy Red Chilli Sauce, and Spicy Green Chilli Sauce for diners to enhance their enjoyment of the Jim Jom. All sauces are made in-house to ensure its best quality for the ultimate hot sensation that you will crave for!


soi 19 thai food kuchai lama yee sang

Be different this coming Chinese New Year, and toss your way to good fortune and abundance of wealth with Soi 19 Thai-styled Lou Sang (RM39.90), which features fresh raw ingredients like purple cabbage, carrot, zucchini, ginger, and lettuce dressed in housemade sweet spicy sauce. Instead of raw fish, they change to special pork strips, then topped with pickled Thai salad, crackers and peanuts for the favorable crunch texture.


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