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Quality Yet Affordable Meat Dishes @ Stiq, Wangsa Maju
15 Jan

Quality Yet Affordable Meat Dishes @ Stiq, Wangsa Maju


Jalan 4/27A, Section 2
53300 Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 6012-345 2844
FB : Stiq

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun 6 p.m. – 1 a.m.


Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently went to Stiq Wangsa Maju and checked out some of their delicious hotel-quality meat dishes at affordable street-food pricing.

stiq wangsa maju western food stall

Founded by Food Branding Idea Solution, Stiq started its operation in October 2017 at Section 2 Wangsa Maju, which is near to the famous Kaw Kaw Burger and BRJ Bistro Corner.

stiq wangsa maju western food kitchen

What made their meat dishes so tantalizing delicious is that they pre-cooked the meat in sous vide at their central kitchen before pan-grilled it at the restaurant upon customer’s order. Do not fool by its compact size, the management of Stiq had invested RM80k just to set up the kitchen so that its standard is on par with those fancy restaurants.

stiq wangsa maju western food sous vide vacuum sealed

The term sous vide (pronounced soo–veed) is a French term, meaning under vacuum. Sous vide is a culinary technique where vacuum-sealed food is immersed in a water bath and cooked at a very precise, consistent temperature. It usually involves cooking food for longer period of time at a lower temperature. The precise temperature control allows chef to cook food to perfection without overdone it.

stiq wangsa maju western food lamb shank

Foods cooked sous vide develop flavors and textures that simply cannot be duplicated using any other traditional cooking method. The technique of sous vide cooking relies on the superior ability of water to transfer heat to vacuum/sealed food, which is about 10 times more efficiently than air does. Chef can cook the food gently and precisely at the desired serving temperature, without ever exceeding it. The steak, for an example, would be cooked at 134F/56C and be perfectly medium rare from edge to edge.


stiq wangsa maju western food menu

You can enjoy Beef, Lamb or Chicken dishes with their special housemade sauces at Stiq Wangsa Maju. All meals served with refreshing salad, baked potato and caramelized onion at side, as well as a free drink to quench your thirst while indulging the meats.

stiq wangsa maju western food striploin

Beef (250-300g)
* Signature Beef Stiq, slow cook for 22 hours (RM27)
* Grass Fed Striploin (RM45)
* Wagyu Striploin, with marble 6/7 (RM120)
* Bone Ribs, slow cook for 30 hours (RM36)

stiq wangsa maju western food kambing lambak

Lamb (250-300g)
* Signature Lamb Stiq, slow cook for 22 hours (RM27)
* Kambing Lambak (RM27)
* Lamb Shank, slow cook for 24 hours (RM40)

stiq wangsa maju western food peri-peri chicken

Chicken (450g)
* Peri-peri / Black Pepper / Kimchi / Barbeque, slow cook for 12 hours (RM16)

stiq wangsa maju western food bone ribs

My personal favourite would be this Bone Ribs. Packed with delicious flavour from its unique sauce, the meat is so soft and tender, it literally just fell off from the bone without much hard work.

Check out Stiq now. The meat connoisseurs will definitely be thrilled to savour the wonderful dishes here at 30%-40% cheaper than the market price!


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