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The new SkyAvenue Genting is dedicated to all things gastronomic, with a good mix of quick service restaurants, cafes, food kiosks, mid-range and bespoke food outlets.

Serving the popular Chinese fried pastry yoo tiao, along with soya bean milk and creamy porridge, I Love Yoo! (T2C-02B) is always packed with diners at anytime of the day. Yoo tiao, a long golden brown deep fried breadstick, has always been my favourite snack with its lightly salted savoury taste. In Malaysia, it is known in English as ‘You Char Kway’ or ‘Yoo Tiao’ and in Bahasa Malaysia as ‘Cakoi’.

skyavenue genting highlands i love yoo chinese snack

I often go for their set meals that are fast and affordable. Set A consists of yoo tiao and porridge, Set B has yoo tiao and soya bean, Set C comes with yoo tiao, porridge and soya bean, Set D got fragrant herbal salted chicken to complement your porridge, and finally Set E is the all day breakfast set with yoo tiao and 2 Omega half boiled eggs.

skyavenue genting highlands i love yoo cakoi soya bean porridge


Baba Nyonya cuisine comes from the Peranakans, descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Penang, Malacca, Singapore and Indonesia inter-marrying with local Malays and combines Chinese, Malay and other influences.

skyavenue genting highlands babajia baba nyonya cuisine

Come to Babajia (T2-16) and taste yourself the Baba Nyonya food, which is the result of blending Chinese ingredients with various distinct spices and cooking techniques used by the Malay/Indonesian community. The nicely decorated restaurant with colourful tiles and flooring offers diners authentic home-cooked Baba Nyonya cuisine for 24-hour daily!

skyavenue genting highlands babajia baba nyonya cuisine nasi lemak


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