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BEST Personal Branding Star Award 2018
31 Jul

BEST Personal Branding Star Award 2018

Asia Best Personal Brands

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Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently went to the press conference of BEST Personal Branding Star Award 2018, where I get to learn how to be recognized by the society based on my personal branding and achievements.

best personal branding star award kendrick ng artist

Branding has been in existence since the early ages whereby humans used artifacts and relics to differentiate their cultures and eras. Henceforth, we have the historical Stone Age, middle ages down to our current Information Age. Slowly, countries began branding themselves by conquering others and to rule over their nation. Through influence, they created regional organizations such as NATO and the Commonwealth.

best personal branding star award andrew chow founder

Business awards are getting popular within the business circle to honour distinguished individuals, companies and brands for their talents and performances. Awards help to enhance a brand, individual and company’s credibility. However, most business awards in the market currently are targeting at corporation and organization level.

Everyone is unique, that is why Personal Branding is just as important. Come from a wide industry, these individuals possess great values in making their world a better place to live in, yet they are not been given the recognition they deserved.


Started 2017 in Singapore by Andrew Chow, who is also the author of best-selling books on social media, public relations and personal branding, Best Personal Branding Star Award is to acknowledge these amazing individuals which has impact or left a strong influence on their personal achievements as an individual, not their corporate accolades. This award recognizes their personal influence, exposure, strengths, skills, and positioning which have made a positive difference in their professional life.

best personal branding star award andrew chow founder

With vision to build an Asia Business Leaders Network based on personal branding, individuals from all walks of life are welcome to join, including International speakers, Training and development, Insurance and financial services, Property services, Authors and publishing, Entrepreneurs, Professional entertainers, Network marketing professionals, Spa and wellness, Medical and legal professionals, and etc.

best personal branding star award finalists

Candidates for Best Personal Branding Star Award are shortlisted based on very strict judging criteria, where they have to fulfill at least 3 of the following 8 criteria : High profile, Tribe building, Media exposure, Intellectual property, Overseas presence, Active in charity, Existing award winners, as well as Nomination from previous winners.

1. High Profile
Candidate should possess a considerable social media following on at least one of the following :
– LinkedIn consists of social selling index of 50 and above, or more than 500 connection.
– Facebook with more than 1000 fans on page.
– Instagram with more than 500 followers.
– Twitter with more than 1000 followers.

2. Tribe Building
Candidate is known for creating their own network :
– A regular business or social networking group founded by the candidate.
– An office bearer to an association (NPOs) not more than 3 years ago.
– A founding member of an online movement.
– Possess your own online or traditional media.

3. Media Exposure
Candidate is featured, interviewed or mentioned in the traditional media on at least one of the following :
– By TV, radio stations or press from local or regional countries at least 3 times or more.

4. Intellectual Property
Candidate owns at least one of the following IP :
– Solely written and published a book (ebook will not be considered) and distributed in any local or regional book store.
– Created an app available for download either on Playstore or IOS.
– Possess a patent or trademark filed within the local country.

5. Overseas Presence
Candidate must show proof of conducting business overseas to at least 3 countries through the following :
– Appointed at least 3 distributors overseas for products and services.
– Conduct overseas training or talks in at least 3-5 foreign countries.
– Your online products have been sold to at least 5 different countries.

6. Active in Charity
Candidate must show considerable involvement in charitable organisations or activities :
– Serves as a member of the board for a charity organisation for at least a year.
– Serves as a regular volunteer in a voluntary welfare organisation (VWO) or charity.
– Well-documented fund raising activities for charity.

7. Winners of Awards in the Past
Candidate must be winners of other similar business or professional awards in the past :
– Winner of corporate award presented by organisations who are still active currently.
– Winner of professional award presented by their own business associations.
– Winner of personal brand award or individual honour bestowed by the local government.

8. Nominated by Past Winners
Candidate must be endorsed or nominated by at least 2 past winners of the award :
– Winners of the past award can be from the same country or overseas.
– Winners of other brand award will not be accepted.

best personal branding star award finalists

Some of the finalists of Best Personal Branding Star Award, including Dato’ Dr Nicholas Ho, Dr Wendy Liew, Andrea Chow, Ivy Hew, and many more. Submission of nomination forms and supporting documents is opened now till 1st October 2018. The announcement of result will be made on 1st November 2018 while the award ceremony will be held on 22nd November 2018.

best personal branding star award andrew chow star phone careyden wee

On a side note, the tribe of the Best Personal Branding Star Award will be connected by Star Phone, an integrated platform for all main communication and contact points from phone, email and social media platforms. It is both a directory and a centralized platform for Best Personal Brands in Asia to connect. Each winner will have their profiles listed and can be easily shared via different platforms.

* Comic drawing by Kendrick Ng, one of the winners of Best Personal Branding Star Award 2017 in Singapore

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