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Celebrating U.S. Potatoes Culinary Festival @ Jibby & Co
20 Jul

Celebrating U.S. Potatoes Culinary Festival @ Jibby & Co

Jibby & Co

GK11, Ground Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 603-5613 7070
FB : Jibby Group

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.


Are you potato lovers?

us potatoes culinary festival jibby co empire shopping gallery

If yes, then you will be glad that the U.S. Potatoes Culinary Festival is back now till 31 July 2018, with 14 participating restaurants in Kuala Lumpur serve up a wide and diverse creation of U.S. potatoes.

The participating outlets will be using various types of U.S. potatoes in their delicious creation, including fresh potato (U.S. Russet Potato) and frozen potatoes (U.S. Lattice Cut, U.S. Potato Wedges, U.S. Shoestring Fries, U.S. Mashed Potato, U.S. Sidewinder Potato, U.S. Straight Cut Fries, U.S. Tater Tots, U.S. Curly Fries, U.S. Steak Fries, U.S. Lattice Cut Fries).

us potatoes culinary festival jibby co empire shopping gallery subang jaya

Located at Empire Shopping Gallery, Jibby & Co offers you an amalgamation of Melbourne-size Pan Asian cuisine and Western breakfast favourites in an equally eclectic interior and highly instagrammable place. Inspired by Melbourne’s vibrant coffee culture, Jibby & Co has created the desirable go-to-place to enjoy a cuppa in the arvo and hang with the cool people within a glasshouse-like structure in the heart of Subang Jaya.

us potatoes culinary festival jibby co empire shopping gallery dishes

I tried their Baked Cheezy Chili Beef U.S. Fries with Pico de Gallo and Creamy U.S. Potato Gnocchi with Mushrooms Fricasse.

us potatoes culinary festival jibby co baked cheezy chili beef fries

Do you know that not all frozen potato products are created equal. Quality starts with premium U.S. grown potatoes, the result of ideal growing temperatures, rich soil and generations of grower expertise. U.S. potatoes destined for processing must meet stringent standards for high “solids” and low sugar content – just right for creating frozen potato products with a desirable appearance, taste and texture.


Besides Jibby & Co, you can also visit these participating outlets to enjoy new and innovative dishes featuring many varieties of U.S. potatoes :

1. Roulette
• U.S. Lattice Cut with Bolognese Sauce
• Roulette Crispy Snack Plate

2. Pietro
• U.S. Potato Gnocchi with Salted Egg Yolk Butter and Coriander Cured Duck Breast
• Savoury U.S. Potato and Spring Onion Churros with Mamak Curry Dipping

3. Anne Elizabeth
• Traditional Crispy U.S. Fresh Potato Cubes
• Jacket U.S. Potatoes with Sour Cream, Bacon Bites, Parmesan Cheese and Spring Onion

4. Delicious
• U.S. Fries tossed with loads of Garlic, served with Cheese Sauce and Fry Sauce
• Sautéed U.S. Fresh Potatoes with Button Mushrooms topped with Melted Raclette Cheese
• U.S. Fries topped with Beef Chilli Con Carne, Melted Cheese, Sour Cream and Jalapenos

5. Brew House
• Salted Egg U.S. Potato Chips with Pork Floss
• U.S. Mashed Potato with Pork Shepherd Pie

6. Three Stooges
• U.S. Sidewinder Potato with Bacon
• U.S. Skin on Straight Cut Fries

7. Macaroni
• Fresh Tossed Garden Lettuce accompanied with Tuna Chunks, U.S. Tater Drums, Boiled Egg, Anchovies, Black Olives, Cherry Tomato and Lemon Dressing
• Grilled Juicy Cajun Chicken served with U.S. Curly Fries, Gherkin, Jalapeno, Olives, Mixed Salad, Coleslaw and Charcoal Burger Bun

8. Bresserie Fritz Troika
• Patata Bravas with U.S. Crispy Potatoes, Jerusalem Artichoke Puree, Shaved Parmesan, Chives, Ground Coffee
• Duck Confit with Duck Leg, U.S. Mashed Potato Cake, Mustard Sauce

9. Fuego Wolo
• Spinach Hashbrown with U.S. Shredded Potato, Baby Spinach, Sour Cream
• Salted Baked U.S. Russet Potato and Foie Gras with Sage Hollandaise, Balsamic Reduction, and Salt Dust

10. Kingstreet Café
• Brits Fish and Chip with U.S. Fries with Oregano Herbs
• Seared Smoked Duck with U.S. Lattice Fries
• Spiced U.S. Lattice Fries with Cheese and Salsa Minced Beef

11. Coffee Club
• U.S. Potato Curry Spice Rice with Chicken Masala and U.S. Potato Croquettes
• Lemon Chili Chicken Linguini Hern with Sautéed U.S. Potatoes

12. Michaelangelo
• U.S. Waffle Fries with Sautéed Chicken and Mushroom served with Avocado Pineapple Salsa and Jalapeno Dip
• Potato Roulade with Baked Thinly Sliced U.S. Potatoes rolled with Parmesan Cheese, Ground Beef, Spinach and Ricotta Cheese, served with Garlic U.S. Potato Wedges and Crudité Salad

13. Piccolino
• Spud Stacks with U.S. Wedges, Sautéed Mushroom, and Bacon served with Parmesan U.S. Potato Stacks
• Spud Trio with Gravy Stuffed U.S. Mashed Potatoes, Crispy U.S. Potato Spinach Balls and Baked U.S. Potato topped with Minced Sausages, Cheese and a dollop of Sour Cream

us potatoes culinary festival photo contest ipad

Customers stand a chance to win 3 grand prizes ipad 9.7 inch 32GB when you post a creative caption and photo of the U.S. potatoes dish that you ordered with hashtag #MYPotatoesUSA and ‘check in’ to the participating outlet. For more information, please visit fb.com/MYpotatoesUSA.


More photos at FOOD Malaysia facebook page, a Malaysian food and lifestyle blogger since 2010

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