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This Holiday, Our Home Is Your Home @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®
02 Dec

This Holiday, Our Home Is Your Home @ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®

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Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently went to check out the heartfelt “This Holiday, Our Home is Your Home” campaign by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® (CB&TL), to celebrate the season of tradition and togetherness this year-end.

the coffee bean and tea leaf christmas 2018 grandma fruit cake

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® welcomes everyone as a guest to their home away from home, at every CB&TL store in Malaysia. Some of the brand new food items on the festive menu that you should not missed include :

the coffee bean and tea leaf christmas 2018 velvet cookie cheesecake

The latest handcrafted masterpiece by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®, Velvet Cookie Cheesecake (RM12.95 per slice ; RM128.00 for whole cake), this decadent cheesecake is topped with crunchy cookies and cream cheese, filled with a red velvet base.

the coffee bean and tea leaf christmas 2018 raspberry dream log

A different take on the traditional log cake, this Raspberry Dream Log (RM12.95 per slice ; RM118.00 for whole cake) infused with raspberry, chocolate, cocoa and almond.

the coffee bean and tea leaf christmas 2018 spice kissed cupcake snow frost kraffin

A package of deliciousness tinged with cinnamon, ginger, molasses and lebkuchen in this unique Spice Kissed Cupcake (RM11.85 per piece).

Almond flakes, nutmeg and cranberries are packed into Snow Frost Kraffin (RM10.40 per piece), a traditional Russian Kulich generously topped with snow sugar.

the coffee bean and tea leaf christmas 2018 cookies

Exciting new cookie variants (RM5.90 per piece) including Choc Mint Frost Cookie (melt-in-your-mouth goodness filled with chopped pecans, mint and dark chocolate), Lemon Snowflake Cookie (a zesty treat for the holidays lovingly made with lemons and cranberries) and Winter Night Cookie (crunchy, divine and truly a treat for the chocolate lover, made with dark chocolate and cocoa powder).

the coffee bean and tea leaf christmas 2018 grandpa turkey sandwich

Serving tradition right to your plate, this Grandpa’s Turkey Sandwich (RM23.50) is layered with brie cheese, cranberry chutney and arugula leaf to accompany the generous helpings of smoked turkey.

the coffee bean and tea leaf christmas 2018 holiday surprise

CB&TL guests can enjoy a 20% discount off Holiday party packs, selected traditional Holiday breads and Holiday whole cakes with the Holiday Early Bird Promo, valid with The Coffee Bean Card in store or with all online orders until 10 December 2018.

the coffee bean and tea leaf christmas 2018 fiona rodrigues

“Without a doubt, holidays are meaningful times when families and friends get together to create lasting memories usually at one another’s homes. Home is where hugs are given, conversations are carried out over delightful meals, and worries are laid outside the door. This holiday season, with our new food and beverages, we hope to capture all the emotions associated with the holidays at home. Home is where the heart is and CB&TL is definitely full of heart,” said Fiona Rodrigues, Director of Marketing & Development, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Malaysia.

the coffee bean and tea leaf christmas 2018 festive beverages

I look forward for their festive beverages every year. For a cool relaxing vibe, you can enjoy the new Midnight Cookies & Cream Ice Blended® (made with dark chocolate and melt-in-your-mouth cookie bits), returning favourite Peppermint Nitro Latte (coffee steeped for 20 hours and infused with nitrogen for an ultra-silky finish with a dash of mint to brighten up one’s taste buds), Double Chocolate Peppermint series (rich chocolate and mint flavours available as an Ice Blended®, hot/iced latte or hot/iced cocoa), and Red Velvet series (deliciously pink and decadent non-coffee beverages available as an Ice Blended® or hot/iced cocoa). Festive beverages are priced from RM15.95 onwards.

For more information, please visit their official website at www.coffeebean.com.my.


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