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“Thai Cooking With Your Heart” By Chef Korn @ Royal Thai Embassy Kuala Lumpur
09 Feb

“Thai Cooking With Your Heart” By Chef Korn @ Royal Thai Embassy Kuala Lumpur

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thai cooking with your heart asean ladies circle participants

Thanks for the wonderful invitation, I recently went to Royal Thai Embassy at Kuala Lumpur for the “Thai Cooking with Your Heart” event. Apart from being a popular travel destination, Thailand is also well-known for its delicious cuisine.

thai cooking with your heart asean ladies circle

To present Thai food heritage to the world, the Royal Thai Embassy, Tourism Authority of Thailand and ASEAN Ladies’ Circle Kuala Lumpur (ALC), an active ladies of ASEAN association in which this event led by ALC Thailand, joined hand together in organizing the cooking class demonstration “Thai Cooking with Your Heart”.

thai cooking with your heart chef korn la moon restaurant

This event was organized to promote Thai cuisine to Malaysians and showcased home-cooked menus of Thai dishes that are simple to cook. Participants were guided through easy steps of cooking by Chef Korn from La Moon Restaurant, the undisputed most celebrated Thai Chef in Malaysia.

thai cooking with your heart 4-angled bean salad

Yum Thuo Phu (4-angled Bean Salad)

Ingredients (for 2 pax)
* 1/2 cup 4-angled bean (slice to about 1 cm and soak in ice water then drain)
* Boiled eggs (cut into 4 pieces)
* 50g chicken breast (cooked and shredded)
* 1/4 cup crispy fried shallots
* 1 tbsp fresh bird’s eye chili (chopped)
* 1/2 tbsp palm sugar
* 4 tbsp lime juice
* 2 tbsp roasted chili paste
* 2 tbsp fish sauce
* 2 tbsp coconut cream
* Roasted coconut and roasted peanut (optional)

thai cooking with your heart chef korn demonstration

* Prepare the 4-angled bean by putting salt in boiling water, add the beans into hot water for less than 1 minute.
* Soak and rinse in cold water to stop cooking and have nice green colour.
* Put roasted chili paste, palm sugar, fish sauce, coconut cream, lime juice, and fresh chili into the mixing bowl.
* Add 4-angled bean, shredded chicken, roasted coconut, and roasted peanut into the mixing bowl as well.
* Stir all ingredients well before place on the serving plate topped with boiled eggs and crispy fried shallots.

thai cooking with your heart prawn curry with betel leaves

Gang Kua Gung Bai Chaplu (Prawn Curry with Betel Leaves)

Ingredients for Curry Paste (for 2 pax)
* 50g dried seedless red chili (soaked and cut into small pieces)
* 10g kaffir lime peels (1/4 fruit use the outer skin)
* 50g Thai garlic
* 25g fresh bird’s eye chili, shallots, galangal, turmeric, lemongrass respectively
* 5g black peppercorns, shrimp paste, and salt respectively

* Pound black peppercorns until become paste then follows by dried chili and salt, continue to pound until it is fine.
* Add bird’s eye chili, sliced lemongrass, galangal, garlic, kaffir lime, shallot and turmeric.
* Pound until become a fine paste then add in shrimp paste.
* Set aside.

thai cooking with your heart curry paste cooking

Ingredients for Curry
* 12 pcs white prawns
* 25 pcs betel leaves (tear by hand)
* 3 pcs kaffir lime leaves (tear by hand)
* 250 ml coconut milk
* 2 tbsp fish sauce
* 1 tsp palm sugar
* 1 tbsp southern style red curry paste

* Place coconut cream into a pot over medium heat, allows it to boil until the oil surface.
* Add the curry paste, stir well until fragrant and red oil surface then add coconut milk, stir and allow to boil again.
* Add white prawn, let it cook then seasoning with fish sauce and sugar.
* Add betel leaves and kaffir lime leaves.
* Remove from the heat. Served hot.

thai cooking with your heart salad making

Thai food is more than a cuisine but a lifelong passion. It is a love affair with deep roots in the country’s culture and most importantly to family. Every extended Thai family is a hive of foodies, from parents going to the market or cooking family meals, to extended family members bringing home snacks and sweets as gifts after every social outing or domestic sojourn.

thai cooking with your heart chef korn la moon restaurant

Sharing communal dishes is common throughout Asian food culture, particularly with Thai food. Food sharing in Thai culture is a form of giving. Thai people place great attention on dining etiquette which requires diners to be refined and gentle in their manner as they eat, and share dishes with friends and family.


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