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4 Reasons Why You Should Start Baking As A Hobby
05 Apr

4 Reasons Why You Should Start Baking As A Hobby

With the Covid pandemic still ongoing, many people are still spending more time indoors compared to pre-Covid. For those with plenty of free time to spare, why not try baking as a hobby instead of watching Netflix or playing video games 24/7. Baking provides tons of benefits to those willing to spend some time on it. Here are a few reasons why you should pick up baking as a new hobby:

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Inexpensive and Affordable

Overall, baking is usually inexpensive if you don’t spend unnecessarily. For example, if you prefer to purchase fancy gadgets and expensive ingredients, the costs will surely add up. The trick here is to keep the purchasing of your baking supplies online balanced. You don’t always need the latest baking equipment if you’re planning to bake for fun. As long as you have the fundamental tools like whisks, mixing bowls and measuring cups, you should be able to bake just fine. In regards to ingredients, you don’t always have to pick the highest quality ingredients.

If you’re simply experimenting and trying out new recipes, you can first use generic ingredients until you get much better. Even then, if you prefer to save costs, using generic ingredients over expensive high-quality ingredients is fine as long as you bake the product properly. Sure, the taste may differ slightly but your baking product should still taste pretty good for the amount of money you’re spending! Although, when it comes to chocolate, using a higher quality type may be worth it as the taste between high quality chocolate and low-quality chocolate is quite noticeable. On that note, here’s a useful tip. You can purchase high quality chocolate at an affordable cost from Essentials Malaysia.

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Encourages You to be Creative

Baking can help an individual become more creative. Not just creative in the artistic sense but also creative in terms of problem solving and working around challenges. For example, a person who is new to baking might forget to purchase a key ingredient or a fundamental baking tool that is required in the recipe that he or she is following. By being creative, that person could learn how to substitute their missing ingredients or tools with something similar.

For example, if you forgot to purchase sugar, you can always substitute it with honey. If you’re feeling extra creative, why not substitute sugar with a delicious bread spread like Lotus Biscoff Spread instead? Since it’s sweet you would no longer need to add any sugar. Another example would be substituting butter with margarine like Planta. Of course, this would also depend on the baking recipe you’re using. If the recipe is for butter cookies, then using margarine as a substitute might not be appropriate.

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Baking is Therapeutic

There’s just something about kneading dough or mixing up batter that helps release stress or frustration. Not only that, baking also gives a person something predictable to look forward to during uncertain times. Whatever is happening in your life, you know that within a certain amount of time, you’ll have finished baking a delicious cake or a new batch of chocolate chip cookies. In a way, baking can give a person a sense of control and achievement which is important especially if everything in that person’s life seems to be bleak and uncertain.

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Bringing Joy to Others

If you like spreading joy and cheer then baking just might be a good hobby for you. Whether it’s cakes, pastries, biscuits or any other baking products, baking something for someone is sure to bring a smile to that person’s face. For example, you could bake chocolate chip cookies for your new neighbour to invite them to the neighbourhood, bake a birthday cake for your parents or bake an apple pie for a visiting friend. In each of these scenarios, baking definitely brings a semblance of happiness to the other party no matter how small.

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