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How To Make Oregon & Washington Blueberries No-bake Cheesecake
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How To Make Oregon & Washington Blueberries No-bake Cheesecake

First time making cheesecake with Oregon & Washington blueberries 😋😋😋 The colour looks so beautiful!!

Thanks to the ideal growing conditions, Oregon and Washington are the two top blueberry producing states in the U.S., offering the best quality fruits that garnered much popularity the world over.

Blueberries are naturally sweet and tart, making them a beloved nutritious superfood. It contains antioxidants and other nutrients that aid our bodies to stay healthy and may help prevent age-related diseases.

I follow the blueberry cheesecake recipe by the certified dietitian Georgen Thye. He also share 2 more recipes using the Oregon & Washington blueberries :

Oregon Washington Blueberries Cheesecake

Ingredients :

– Crumb Base
Digestive Biscuit 100g
Melted Butter 60g

– Cheesecake Filling
Cream Cheese 250g
Plain Yoghurt 150g
Oregon & Washington Blueberries 150g
Lemon 1 piece
Gelatin Powder 13g
Brown Sugar 40g

Methods :

– Make Crumb Base
1. Crush the digestive biscuit into coarse sand texture.
2. Pour in melted butter and continue to blend until fine crumbs.
3. Transfer the crumbs to a pan and press with a spoon to form an even layer of crumbs.
4. Place the pan into a fridge and let it refrigerate for 30 minutes.

– Make Cream Cheese Filling
5. Place the Oregon-Washington blueberries, fresh lemon juice and sugar in a pot. Cook over a medium heat for 10 minutes, stir frequently and let cool to room temperature after that.
6. Whisk together cream cheese and plain yoghurt until smooth and fluffy.
7. Pour the blueberries compote into a food processor and blend until it turns into a smooth puree.
8. Fold the blueberries puree into the cream cheese mixture.
9. Pour 80ml of water to the gelatin powder in a bowl and let soak for 5-10 minutes. Then, microwave the soaked gelatin for 30 seconds until melted.
10. Stir the melted gelatin into the blueberries cream cheese mixture.
11. Take the pan out from the refrigerator and pour mixture over crumbs until the pan is ¾ filled.
12. Return the pan to the refrigerator for another 1 hour until the cream cheese filling is set.

Oregon Washington Blueberries Oatmeal Muffin

Ingredients :

Rolled Oats 200g
Oregon & Washington Blueberries 200g
Honey 50g
Baking Soda ½ tsp
Baking Powder 1 tsp
Salt ¼ tsp
Eggs 2 pieces
Banana 1 big
Vanilla Essence 1 tsp
Olive Oil 80ml

Methods :

1. Place the rolled oats in a food processor and blend until similar like fine flour, stopping and stirring occasionally.
2. Add baking soda, baking powder and salt to the oat flour and then mix well.
3. Mash the banana with a fork in a big mixing bowl.
4. Add the eggs to the mashed banana, followed by olive oil, honey and vanilla essence.
5. Stir until all the wet ingredients are well combined.
6. Pour the wet mixture into the dry ingredient bowl, and slowly stir until combined.
7. Place muffin liners into muffin tins.
8. Scoop the batter with an ice-cream scoop and distribute evenly into all the muffin liners.
9. Place a few Oregon & Washington blueberries and sprinkle some rolled oats on top to garnish.
10. Bake in a preheated oven at 190°C for 20 minutes.
11. Test the doneness with a toothpick, When it’s fully baked, there won’t be any wet batter on it. Enjoy!

Summer Oregon Washington Blueberries Popsicles

Ingredients :

Oregon & Washington Frozen Blueberries 150g
Mango 1 medium
Plain Yoghurt 1.5 cup
Young Coconut 1 coconut

Methods :

1. Peel the mango, cut it into pieces and then keep in the freezer for at least 3 hours until it becomes frozen.
2. Pour coconut water into a big bowl and then scrape the coconut flesh with a spoon and place them into another bowl.
3. Place the frozen mango in a blender, followed by yoghurt and coconut water, and then blend into smooth puree.
4. Add coconut flesh into the blender and blend for another short 2 to 3 seconds.
5. Lightly mash the defrost Oregon-Washington blueberries with a fork to release its juice.
6. Place the blueberries into a popsicle mould, and then fill it up with the puree.
7. Freeze for at least 4 hours and enjoy!
8. You can also pour the puree into an ice-cream tub, stir in the Oregon-Washington blueberries, freeze it and enjoy it as sorbet.

oregon washington blueberries cheesecake nutritious

Blueberries are certified as a heart-healthy food by the American Heart Association and contain natural compounds that help the brain stay strong. To know more about blueberries, kindly visit www.oregonblueberry.com and www.wablueberries.com/wa-blueberry-commission.

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