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Why I Like ARISSTO Zero Chemical Added Family Bread
31 Oct

Why I Like ARISSTO Zero Chemical Added Family Bread

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My family is my everything, and they surely deserve the best!! Serving them ARISSTO Zero Chemical Added Family Bread is one of the good decisions I made recently in order to keep them safe and healthy. 

zero family bread by arissto healthy safe

ARISSTO Zero Family Bread is crafted from centuries-old French craftsmanship to cultivate “natural yeast strains” that takes 38 hours. This gives us a delicious, naturally fragrant sourdough that is also nutritiously packed with healthy probiotics. 

zero family bread by arissto benefits

Bread is one of the staple foods in my family, that’s why I want it to be zero chemical added for the health purpose. I feel relief to know that ARISSTO prohibits the use of up to 100 chemical additives in their ARISSTO Zero Family Bread, which include : 

* Chemical oxidizer-potassium bromate, oxidizer-butyl hydroxyanisole, softener-azodicarbonamide, and emulsifier-monoglyceride
* Diglyceride
* Hydrogenated oil – Margarine
* Artificial colouring – Caramel colour
* Curcumin pigment
* High fructose corn syrup
* Artificial sweetener – Aspartame
* Leavening agent
* Brightener
* Coagulant
* Stabilizer
* Bread improver – Phosphate
* Preservative and synthetic vitamins

ARISSTO Zero Family Bread products have zero chemicals added in all controllable manufacturing stages, aside from those required as per the food safety guidelines laws of Malaysia and/or essential to the product production.

zero family bread by arissto mini golden cake

We pay with our hard-earned money to buy bread, so we deserve a bread that’s made with 100% honest ingredients! ARISSTO refuses to blend ingredients to reduce their production cost and uses only 100% honest ingredients to make delicious and nutritious bread :

Pure Wheat Flour
Unbleached flour with high protein content and minerals that are rich in nutrients.

European Certified Butter
Being used for hundreds of years around the world, it does not contain artificial colours, antioxidants, deacidifiers, and most importantly, it has obtained the official European Union quality assurance.

European 100% Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
High quality chocolate from Europe using 100% pure cocoa powder without the addition of sugar.

zero family bread by arissto mini raspberry croissant

Therefore, Zero Family Bread consists of a nutrition level that is much higher compared to bread made of industrial yeast while maintaining a soft texture and rich taste!

zero family bread by arissto nitrogen packaging

I like the warm delicious taste of oven-fresh bread. ARISSTO bread is baked to 90% and kept fresh in a nitrogen packaging using their 5-Minutes Oven Fresh Bread Technology.

zero family bread by arissto 5 minutes oven fresh bread technology

Just take it out from the fridge and bake the bread in the oven for 5 minutes, any time when you feel like indulging it. Besides that, you can also steam, pan fry or air fry the bread according to your preference.  

zero family bread by arissto membership

Interested? You can sign up as an ARISSTO member now to enjoy attractive wholesale price for over 50 types of Zero Chemical Additive Family Foods. ARISSTO also offers a “30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee, Otherwise Refund” service because they take feedback seriously and will constantly make improvements to serve the customers better.  

zero family bread by arissto non chemical

Our family deserves the best family bread!! Check out ARISSTO official e-store at or WhatsApp to

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