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英雄回家 Returning Home, A Local Movie About The Unsung Heroes
01 Feb

英雄回家 Returning Home, A Local Movie About The Unsung Heroes

Returning Home 英雄回家

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returning home don hoe malaysian local movie gala premiere gsc starling mall

Thanks for the wonderful invitation, I recently went to GSC Starling Mall for the gala premiere of “Returning Home” (英雄回家), supporting a local movie that tells a story about unsung heroes. The actor and actress made an apperance during the red carpet session to greet fans and introduced the movie briefly to the guests.

As we enjoy our daily lives, there are many unsung heroes who serve as our bullet-proof vests to safeguard our lives. Directed by Don Hoe, this movie by Full Billion Entertainment is about the dedication of the heroes from the Civil Defence (APM), St John Ambulance (SJAM), Lions Clubs as well as Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department (PBS), putting their lives on the line to save others.

Sometimes people forget that they have families, too. They often sacrifice much of their time away from their own families, whilst their families await anxiously for their safe return.

returning home don hoe malaysian local movie chen puie heng feon lai

Some of the local artists who participated in this “Returning Home” movie include Chen Puie Heng, Ribbon Ooi, Chazynash, Feon Lai, Miau Lim, Stanley Hoe, and Teoh Yumee.

returning home don hoe malaysian local movie feon lai actress

Jean Tan, Gai Yew Lan, David Chin, Jeffrey Leong, ChyeYang also appear in the movie as special guests to make it more entertaining to watch.

Once you put on the uniform, then you should carry out your duties with full responsibility… This is what I felt the most after watching this 2-hour “Returning Home” movie. There are a few touching scenes that will make you shed some tears (at least for me), especially the relationship between Lan Popo and her family, as well as the stressful moments between nurse Xue Jing and her father.

returning home don hoe malaysian local movie cinema list

During this Chinese New Year, will the heroes return home safely? Catch the “Returning Home” movie at your nearest cinema starting 2nd February 2023.



    February 2, 2023 at 3:23 pm

    The nurses so pretty. Ah boon is the best! Hahaha! Must watch

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