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Celebrate Chinese New Year with Limited-Edition KitKat® Golden Dragon
05 Feb

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Limited-Edition KitKat® Golden Dragon

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Malaysians are always looking for fun, seasonal variations and new flavours to try in confectionery, especially during the big festive occasions.

kitkat golden dragon chinese new year festive promotion

Working always to meet Malaysians’ expectations, Nestlé’s KitKat® welcomes the auspicious Year of the Dragon by introducing a highly innovative Limited-Edition KitKat® Golden Dragon in celebration of Chinese New Year. KitKat® is manufactured in Chembong, Negeri Sembilan, in a factory that serves as the production hub for all ASEAN markets.

kitkat golden dragon chinese new year farbling technology dragon scale pattern chocolate

This exciting new product is the first KitKat® worldwide to use the ‘Farbling’ technology to create a stunning Dragon-scale pattern on the chocolate. Indeed, this technology allows the creation of an intricate design, inspired by the mythical Dragon scales, brought to life through a stunning fusion of natural and vibrant colours in shades of golden yellow and red.

kitkat golden dragon chinese new year zesty orange flavour

The visually striking aesthetics of KitKat® Golden Dragon truly capture the spirit of the Dragon, a symbol associated with power, luck and prosperity in Chinese culture, making it the perfect treat for the festive season.

kitkat golden dragon chinese new year gifting metal tin

The KitKat® Golden Dragon edition goes beyond the conventional by introducing a Zesty Orange flavour. Research from Mintel shows that seasonal flavours have become a top interest among consumers with orange flavour emerging as top seasonal chocolate trend, alongside other flavour such as dates, cranberry, malt and salted caramel. This careful balance between the refreshing zest of orange and the sweet indulgence of creamy milk chocolate, all encased in the iconic crispy KitKat® wafer, offers a sensory experience that takes taste buds on a remarkable odyssey.

kitkat golden dragon chinese new year carlota casellas

According to Carlota Casellas, Business Executive Officer of Nestlé Confectionery, “KitKat® Golden Dragon goes beyond merely just a chocolate snack. The introduction of this creation signifies a momentous milestone for us, as Malaysia is the first market in the world to roll out this new KitKat® chocolate made with a combination of Fading and Marbling technology (Farbling). We are thrilled to present Malaysians with an unparalleled snacking experience that not only aligns with KitKat®‘s iconic slogan, ‘Have a break, Have a KitKat®‘, but also creates meaningful moments of love, togetherness and breaks with friends and family during the holiday season.”

kitkat golden dragon chinese new year launch event

To commemorate the launch of KitKat® Golden Dragon, a special event was staged at Sunway Velocity Mall in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. The mesmerising KitKat® Golden Dragon Dance Troupe took center stage, enchanting the audience with their awe-inspiring performance. The event brimmed with lively activities, infusing vibrancy, blessings, and inspiration for legendary breaks during the Chinese New Year.

kitkat golden dragon chinese new year multipurpose bag cassey gan cloakwork

In conjunction with the festive celebration, KitKat® introduces a range of limited-edition KitKat® Golden Dragon collections, including the new limited-editions KitKat® Golden Dragon 4 Finger Singles, Share bag 8 x 2F, KitKat® Dragon CNY Gifting Metal Tin, a customised festive Cele-break Pack, and the KitKat® x Malaysian Artists Edition Multipurpose Bag exclusively designed in collaboration with local artists, Cassey Gan and Cloakwork.

kitkat golden dragon chinese new year ang pow packet

As part of this exciting lineup, KitKat® is thrilled to introduce KitKat® U ZU ice cream, a delectable treat made with a yuzu flavoured coating, topped with crushed wafer and dried oranges. This limited-edition ice cream is on sale this festive season, adding a unique and delightful twist to the KitKat® experience.

kitkat golden dragon chinese new year longevity contest

Join in the thrill for the KitKat® LÓNGevity Contest, which runs until 20 February 2024! With a minimum purchase of RM10 worth of KitKat® chocolates and/or KitKat® ice cream, participants will stand a chance to win prizes valued at over RM318,888* (Terms and Conditions apply). Some of the enticing prizes include:

1x Monthly Grand Prize winner : Total 2x BYD Dolphin Electric Cars worth RM99,900 each
5x Weekly Prize winners : Total 40x RM888 cash prize
76x Weekly Prize winners : Total 608x Touch ‘n Go eWallet Reload Pin worth RM88 each
5x Daily Prize winners : Total 285x Grab e-vouchers worth RM88 each

For more information, please visit www.nestle.com.my/brands/confectionery.


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