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Pertubuhan Generasi Digital Malaysia PGDM’s Digital Economy & Community Programs 2024
20 Mar

Pertubuhan Generasi Digital Malaysia PGDM’s Digital Economy & Community Programs 2024




The “Pertubuhan Generasi Digital Malaysia PGDM” recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with 4 parties respectively – Al Ebreiz Global Capital Berhad (AGCB), Infinity Electronic Sport Club, Nawab Production Sdn Bhd, and Aerocentric Event, as part of their activities for the 2024 calendar year related to digital economy and community programs.

pertubuhan generasi digital malaysia pgdm datin seri harnie mohamed chairman

The planned 2024 calendar aim to integrate activities related to digital usage application development, harnessing eSports power to foster community engagement, as well as technological innovation and music development programs in Malaysia.

Al-Ebreiz Global Capital Berhad

Al-Ebreiz Global Capital Berhad (AGCB) announced the upcoming cooperation and partnership between PGDM for their pioneering initiatives, the AlaDeen Gold® Wallet Trading Platform and Payment Gateway System.

In initiating this endeavor, Al-Ebreiz is driven by a clear vision, steadfast mission, and unwavering core values. Al-Ebreiz’s commitment to excellence and innovation will guide efforts in achieving the goals for this project. Al-Ebreiz and PGDM hope to establish a successful partnership and deliver revolutionary products to the market.

The overall goal of Al-Ebreiz and PGDM is to establish themselves as a leading provider of Islamic financial trading and wealth management services in Malaysia. To achieve this objective, they have developed a pioneering Digital Blockchain Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham platform, operating through their AlaDeen Gold® Wallet Trading Platform supported Gold Supplier services.

This innovative platform offers Gold & Silver Bars and Gold Dinar & Silver Dirham coins, specifically designed to meet the needs of the Malaysian Islamic community. The goal is to consistently provide the most advanced solutions that empower and support the customers in Malaysia.

Al-Ebreiz and PGDM’s mission is simple yet profound. They are committed to delivering quality, profitable, sustainable, easy, and Sharia-compliant financial solutions to the Malaysian Muslim community.

pertubuhan generasi digital malaysia pgdm aerocentric event nextgen techfest

Aerocentric Event NextGen TechFest

Aerocentric Event NextGen TechFest 2024 will kick off in October 2024 at Quill City Mall, Kuala Lumpur. A gateway to the future, this event offers an immersive experience featuring insightful lectures, showcases the latest technology, live workshops, and captivating demonstrations, delving into artificial intelligence, virtual reality, blockchain technology, aerospace, and much more.

The International NextGen Roblox Championship 2024 will be held in June 2024. The focus is not only on skills but also on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) questions and awareness of educational opportunities, witnessing top talents from around the world compete in the virtual arena, showcasing their abilities in Roblox games to win exciting prizes and become international champions. It is part of the commitment to fostering innovation and technology education among the younger generation.

NextGen School Tour 2024 will complement the main events by involving students from schools across Malaysia. Through interactive sessions, workshops, and hands-on activities, NextGen School Tour aims to inspire and cultivate interest in pursuing careers in STEM, Arts, and exploring endless technology opportunities. Students will be provided with opportunities to unlock their potential towards a future driven by innovation and passion.

pertubuhan generasi digital malaysia pgdm infinity electronic sport club

Infinity Electronic Sport Club

Highlights of the MOU between Infinity Electronic Sport Club include the organization of exciting eSports events scheduled in September and October 2024. These events promise to be thrilling and showcase the skills, strategies, and sportsmanship, attracting participants and audiences from across the region.

Furthermore, the MOU also outlines plans for the establishment of a high-tech eSports Center in Bangi, Selangor. This advanced facility will serve as a hub for eSports enthusiasts, providing a conducive environment for training, competitions, and networking.

PGDM and Infinity Electronic Sport Club pledge to leverage their expertise and resources to elevate eSports to a new height, fostering talent development and economic growth in Malaysia and across Southeast Asia.

Nawab Production Sdn Bhd

PGDM, with Asian Miles Trading & Services (AMTS), one of its many strategic channelling partners, has worked together by bringing Nawab Production Sdn Bhd to plan and hold a Gala Dinner Concert to celebrate the achievements of the Nation’s Music Icon YBhg Tan Sri Datuk Sri Dr. Ahmad Nawab.

With over 2,000 songs composed by him, he has popularized many singers such as Dato Jamal Abdilah, Dato’ Khatijah Ibrahim, Dato D.J Dave, Dato Hail Amir, Datuk Sudirman Haji Arshad, and Datuk Syarifah Aini.

He also produced albums for famous singers such as Broery Marantika (Indonesia), Hetty Koes Endang (Indonesia), Endang Estaurina (Indonesia), Francis Yip (Hong Kong), and Claire (Philippines). He is eligible for consideration by the government for the title “BAPA MUSIK NEGARA”.

PGDM also plans to develop the “Tan Sri Ahmad Nawab Music Academy Complex” in Bangi, Selangor in the near future, offering courses and training in music, vocals, song composition, lyric writing, and technical skills related to musical instruments and sound engineering.

pertubuhan generasi digital malaysia pgdm memorandum of understanding event

PGDM looks forward to future activities planned for 2024 related to the digital economy and community programs that will be designed and desired to be implemented with support and mentoring from the government, agencies, and statutory bodies of the Malaysian government as well as from abroad including foundations, non-governmental organizations, philanthropists, and private corporate entities.

With the assistance of its marketers who have been appointed and become global representatives, PDGM is confident to carry on the continuity of planned efforts to meet PGDM’s objectives to make Malaysia a Madani country.

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