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vivo V30 Series with Integrating ZEISS Technology & Aura Light 3.0


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vivo Malaysia proudly unveiled the latest edition of the vivo V series lineup, the vivo V30 and vivo V30 Pro. Boasting vivo’s slimmest smartphone design, these devices feature a durable 5000 mAh (TYP) battery that lasts for up to four years, along with eye-catching colour options and an enhanced Aura Light Portrait 3.0 feature.

The vivo V30 Pro takes it a step further with the ZEISS professional portrait camera, exclusively tailored for stunning portrait photography. This integration ensures effortless performance, good display quality, and prolonged battery life, delivering an unparalleled user experience.

“The V series has long been associated with a sleek and minimalist aesthetic. With the vivo V30 Series, we’ve achieved a remarkable feat of engineering by integrating a 5000 mAh 4-Year Durable Battery into its signature slim frame, ensuring extended battery life without sacrificing style. Additionally, we’ve enhanced the Aura Light Portrait 3.0 feature, and partnered with ZEISS to provide users with a powerful tool to effortlessly capture striking portraits, even in low-light night conditions,” said Mike Xu, CEO of vivo Malaysia.

vivo malaysia v30 series smartphone zeiss professional portrait camera

Studio-level Portrait Photography at Your Fingertips

The vivo V30 Series enhances portrait photography with the upgraded Aura Light Portrait 3.0, improving hardware and software for studio-like precision in addressing common photography issues like low light and colour accuracy. The Aura Light 3.0 offers a larger, softer light source, 19 times larger and 50 times softer than a standard flash, ensuring vivid details and delicate skin texture preservation.

In addition, the integrated Smart Colour Temperature Adjustment feature enables the device to intelligently identify and adjust the colour temperature based on the subject’s surroundings, offering a nearly 20% broader colour temperature range compared with previous iterations. As a result, the ambient light does not affect the subject’s features and the colours tones are harmonious with the environment.

The V30 Series features Distance-Sensitive Lighting, adjusting Aura Light 3.0 brightness based on subject distance in real-time for perfectly-lit portraits. When close, the light is soft and balanced; when further away, it brightens for effortless photography. Aura Light 3.0 enhances creative modes like Food Mode, capturing mouth-watering details in dim lighting with 3D virtual fill light.

vivo malaysia v30 series smartphone daiyan trisha ambassador

Redefining Imaging Capabilities with Powerful Camera Setup

The vivo V30 series boasts a strong camera system, featuring a partnership with ZEISS Optic for the vivo V30 Pro. The camera setup includes a VCS True Color Main Camera, a 50 MP AF Ultra Wide-Angle Camera, and a 50 MP AF Group Selfie Camera. To enhance night scene photography, the 50 MP VCS True Color Main Camera is equipped with a 1/1.55″ sensor, providing flagship-level light sensitivity, and it is supported by advanced Optical Image Stabilisation.

In a substantial leap toward improving photo quality in slim smartphones, vivo has played a pivotal role in redesigning the image sensor. This redesign is based on vivo’s human eye bionic standards which involves refining the filter materials and pixel optical structure through a collaborative effort with the sensor manufacturer. The vivo-exclusive Camera-Bionic Spectrum (VCS) technology enables the camera’s vision to be closer to that of a human eye which improves image purity by 25% and colour reproduction by 15% compared to the previous generation.

Furthermore, the 50 MP AF Ultra Wide-Angle Camera comes with Auto Focus and a wide 119° angle, enabling users to effortlessly capture vast landscapes or special moments seamlessly. This marks the V series’ inaugural 50 MP ultra wide-angle camera with Auto Focus, presenting a notable 6.25 times higher pixel count than the more typical 8 MP wide-angle cameras. The camera is also equipped with AI Group Portrait functionality for group photos, ensuring the clarity of up to 30 individuals in the portrait. To capture vibrant selfies with friends and family, the 50 MP AF Group Selfie Camera supports Auto Focus and a wide angle of 92°, accommodating more subjects comfortably in the frame.

Effortless Video Creation with Innovation Mode and Tools

The vivo V30 series enables users to effortlessly unleash their creativity, offering the necessary tools for shooting and editing vlogs at a professional level with ease. The video feature, Aura Light Portrait 3.0, enhances the clarity of videos in low-light settings, resulting in sharper portraits and brighter night scenes.

The Hybrid Image Stabilization (combining OIS + EIS) feature on the device excels by executing thousands of stabilisation computations per second, guaranteeing exceptionally smooth and stable footage. Furthermore, the robust Micro Movie feature serves as a comprehensive solution for video creation, presenting a range of video effects and optimization features to streamline the editing process.

vivo malaysia v30 series smartphone aquamarine colour

Ingenious Slim and Light Design with Simple and Elegant Aesthetic

The vivo V30 series is a perfect fusion of style and functionality, seamlessly combining a slim and lightweight design with a powerful 5000 mAh 4-year durable battery, making it vivo’s slimmest phone at just 7.45 mm. The innovative One-Piece Encapsulation Technique allows for the integration of a high-capacity battery into the slim profile by reconfiguring the casing, creating additional space for battery cells. This results in a sleek and stylish device that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics while delivering exceptional battery life. Compared to other smartphones with 5000 mAh batteries, the vivo V30 series is 12% thinner on average, highlighting its dedication to both a visually appealing design and long-lasting performance.

The comfortable Cushioning Structure 3D curved screen design enhances grip, making the vivo V30 series not only stylish but also easy to hold for extended periods.

Moreover, the vivo V30 series introduces innovative advancements in Color, Material, and Finish (CMF), providing users with a fresh design experience featuring a diverse range of captivating colours and textures. Inspired by the iconic simplicity and elegance of the vivo V series, the vivo V30 series incorporates unique process innovations to enhance each colour variant. Notably, the Petal White edition showcases a 3D petal pattern achieved by engraving 13 million tangent lines onto the surface using photolithography, drawing inspiration from blooming petals.

The Aquamarine edition features a greenish-blue hue on a glass surface, enhanced with a water ripple pattern created through a Rippling Magnetic Particle process. This process involves precise control of tiny magnetic particles within flowing resin, creating a sparkling water ripple effect that adds movement and fluidity to the design. Additionally, the vivo V30 series also includes the timeless Noble Black variant crafted with Fluorite AG Glass for a classic touch.

Impeccable Performance and Extended Battery Life for All-day Entertainment

Introducing innovative battery technology, the vivo V30 series has effectively doubled its battery lifespan, maintaining over 80% of its capacity even after 1600 charge-discharge cycles, resulting in a four-year battery lifespan. With its 5000 mAh (TYP) 4-year durable battery, the vivo V30 series supports up to 23 hours of standby time and achieves a full charge in just 48 minutes, thanks to the 80W FlashCharge technology. Paired with the Qualcomm Snapdragon® 7 Gen 3 processor and enhanced by the upgraded Extended RAM 4.0 technology, this series ensures smooth and uninterrupted performance, providing users with an efficient multitasking experience.

The vivo V30 series is equipped with a 120 Hz 1.5K AMOLED Display, delivering a breathtaking visual experience ideal for entertainment. The ultra-clear AMOLED display, along with a Cushioning Structure 3D Curved Screen and a 120 Hz refresh rate, ensures seamless visuals. The display remains clear and visible even in bright light, boasting an impressive brightness of 2800 nits. Alongside remarkable visuals, users also benefit from the flagship-level eye protection, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience for extended periods.

For maximum performance, the vivo V30 series features an Ultra Large Smart Cooling System, incorporating a spacious vapour chamber of 3002 mm2 for efficient multi-layer heat dissipation. With 11 built-in temperature sensors enabling real-time detection, the V30 excels in demanding scenarios, such as mobile gaming, delivering smooth and stable performance.

In addition, the device incorporates a comprehensive cushioning structure to enhance drop resistance, safeguarding all internal and external components. A high-performance “Schott α” glass ensures exceptional screen strength, while the rear camera module’s 2.5D glass lens is shielded by a raised metal bezel for added protection. Additionally, alloy material reinforces the device’s corners, maintaining its structural integrity. With an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance, the vivo V30 series offers enhanced durability and reliability.

vivo malaysia v30 series smartphone partnership with ucsi university

Fashion Fusion between UCSI University and vivo Malaysia

vivo Malaysia has introduced the latest vivo V30 series in partnership with UCSI university, where young designers showcased their creatively designed wedding-themed wardrobes. The design of the outfit portrays the significance of Aura Light 3.0 and drew inspiration from the petal-like design of the phone’s back. The theme highlighted Malaysia’s diverse heritage, emphasising vivo’s collaboration with the country’s multicultural influence.

Recognizing Malaysia as a hub for emerging fashion talent, vivo is dedicated to identifying and nurturing rising stars in the industry. The collaboration with UCSI university and vivo Malaysia aims to boost Malaysia’s fashion presence globally. The vivo V30 series launch provided a platform for UCSI university’s young designers to display their talents, with models confidently strutting the runway adorned with the aesthetically inspired vivo V30 series.

vivo malaysia v30 series smartphone daiyan trisha

Daiyan Trisha, the Dazzling Face of the vivo V30 Series

Daiyan Trisha takes centre stage as the ambassador for the all-new vivo V30 series, infusing her ethereal beauty and vibrant personality into the sleek design and innovative features. Daiyan Trisha portrayed the excitement of aligning with a brand that values creativity, innovation, and user experience.

Daiyan Trisha, prioritises sophistication and functionality in her smartphone choice, was drawn to the recently launched vivo V30 series in Noble Black, Aquamarine and Petal White. Her choice was the Petal White variant for its subtle, chic, and versatile appearance that would compliment any style. She was also captivated by the Aura Light Portrait 3.0 technology, and herself being a photography enthusiast, praised its ability to transform ordinary portraits into captivating masterpieces.

The vivo V30 Pro’s ZEISS Triple Main Camera impressed her with its performance in various lighting conditions. As the face of the vivo V30 series, Daiyan Trisha brings her passion for technology to showcase its sophistication. The collaboration aims to inspire users to explore new horizons, capture unforgettable moments, and embrace advanced technology. This dynamic partnership redefines the intersection of beauty and advanced technology, promising an exciting chapter in the realm of smartphones that resonates not only in the Malaysian market but beyond borders.

vivo malaysia v30 series smartphone colours

The vivo V30 Series Price and Availability

The vivo V30 model, in its 12+256GB variant, is priced at RM1999, and the 12+512GB variant is available for RM2199. Whereas the vivo V30 Pro model, in 12+512 GB configuration, is priced for

vivo fans who are interested can pre-order the device starting from 16 March 2024 with complimentary gifts and promotions. Here are information on the price, pre-order, promotions and availability of the vivo V30 series :

Launching Date : 13th March 2024
First Sale Date : vivo V30 (16th March 2024) ; vivo V30 Pro (30th March 2024)
Pre-order Date : 13th March 2024
Special Seal Date : 16th March 2024

Pre-order Promotions : Pre order now and get exclusive gifts worth up to RM796
● vivo TWS 3e
● vivo V30 Limited Gift Box
● vivo care 1+1* Extended Warranty
● vivo care 180 days Screen Protection

Customers making a purchase on March 16, 2024, at any vivo Concept Store will be eligible for a complimentary storage upgrade for limited units of the vivo V30 series, valued at RM200. Terms and conditions are applied.

● vivo V30 12+ 256GB for RM1999
● vivo V30 12+512GB for RM2199
● vivo V30 Pro 12+512GB for RM2599

Stay up to date with the latest promotions and product specifications of the vivo V30 series at vivo Malaysia’s official website.

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