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AEON Sucrée Amor, A New Delight for Dessert Lovers
22 May

AEON Sucrée Amor, A New Delight for Dessert Lovers

AEON Delicatessen

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As a sweet tooth person, I am very excited for the launch of Sucrée Amor, a new brand by AEON that offers a wide variety of delectable desserts.

sucree amor aeon delicatessen dessert range macarons

This French-inspired range, translating to “the endearment of sweetness,” features an exquisite selection of delicate macarons, moist sliced cakes, creamy puddings, and many more :


These dainty confections are a delicate dance of crisp meringue shells embracing a soft, chewy center, bursting with an array of captivating flavours. Available in 2 types, mono colour macaron and duo bliss macaron.

Swiss Roll

Available in pandan, mango, strawberry, and chocolate flavours, this special rolled chiffon cake with heavenly soft and creamier taste will save you from loneliness.

sucree amor aeon delicatessen dessert range cream mochi

Cream Mochi

Imagine a delicate, pillowy shell embracing a creamy, dreamy filling that melts in your mouth with every bite. Available in red bean, yuzu, strawberry, and chocolate flavours.

sucree amor aeon delicatessen dessert range cheese cake

Cheese Cake

Breaking the tradition of sliced cheese cake, these special cheese cakes with heavenly soft and creamier taste in round container represent the goodness that makes it a universally loved dessert. Available in oreo, speculoos, strawberry, and blueberry flavours.

sucree amor aeon delicatessen dessert range pancake

Pancakes & Waffles

With a hint of sweetness and a touch of chill, each bite is a delightful contrast of comforting warmth and refreshing coolness. The pancake is available in walnut, oreo, and marshmallow flavours. The waffle is available in marshmallow, chocolate chip, chocolate peanut, strawberry peanut, and strawberry chocolate flavours.

sucree amor aeon delicatessen dessert range container cake

Container Cake

Square cutting cake in a secure container with the taste designed to satisfy your cake desire and making it ideal for on-the-go consumption, picnic, party, or as a gift. Available in red velvet, Nyonya pandan, mango delight, chocolate delight, tiramisu, peach chill, and chocolate moist flavours.


A luscious, silky-smooth dessert that melts in your mouth, offering pure indulgence in every spoonful. Available in flavour strawberry, matcha, and chocolate indulgence.

sucree amor aeon delicatessen dessert range masquerade magician show

The launch event for Sucrée Amor was held at AEON Mid Valley Kuala Lumpur with fun celebration featuring a captivating magician performance and a masquerade theme.

sucree amor aeon delicatessen dessert range pudding

“Sucrée Amor is a product we developed to cater to dessert lovers. The secret to our beautiful sugary treats lies in the making technique and the use of high-quality ingredients, which create stunning looks with the perfect combination of flavour and texture,” commented Azidah Alimuddin, Head of Retail Delicatessen, Bakery & Food Processing Centre at AEON.

“Our mission is to bring joy and satisfaction to our customers through our innovative and delicious dessert offerings. We are confident that Sucrée Amor will become a valued addition to AEON Delicatessen, further enhancing our reputation for providing fresh and high-quality food,” Azidah added.

sucree amor aeon delicatessen dessert range

The Delicatessen at AEON Store meets the growing demand for ready-to-eat meals, offering a wide range of specialty food choices, from sushi and bento to roast chicken, desserts, hot snacks, and healthy drinks. All dishes served at the Delicatessen are certified halal and freshly prepared on an hourly and daily basis.

AEON Delicatessen is continuously expanding its reach by introducing diverse new products. To meet the increasing demand for quality and affordability, AEON has refreshed its Delicatessen brand image and broadened its product range.

sucree amor aeon delicatessen dessert range waffle

Currently, AEON Delicatessen features four brands – Coco Café, a cosy kopitiam-style eatery with a warm ambience; La Boheme, offering an array of oven-fresh breads, pastries, and puddings; La Boheme Coffee, known for its unique blend of beans from Brazil Cerrado, Colombia Huila, and Indonesia Sumatra; and the newly introduced Sucrée Amor.

Visit any AEON store to indulge in these delightful treats and satisfy your sweet tooth.


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