Satisfying Urban Korean Food @ DubuYo

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Satisfying Urban Korean Food @ DubuYo
19 Dec


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dubuyo korean halal restaurant quill city mall kl

Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently went to DubuYo Korean Restaurant and tried out some of their signatures. Serving a wide selection of urban Korean favourites, each dish is made using the freshest ingredients for the perfect blend of flavours that will enliven any palate.

dubuyo korean halal restaurant golden beoseot fried mushroom

Deep fried till golden brown perfection, I really like this Golden Beoseot Fried Mushroom (RM7.50) with addictive flavoring powder sprinkled generously on top, a mouth-watering appetizer you should try at DubuYo.

dubuyo korean halal restaurant tuna bibimbap

I usually have bibimbap with chicken or beef, so this Tuna Bibimbap (RM20.75 ala carte / RM23.10 set) was my first time. Spicy tuna with mayonnaise served on a bed of Dubuyo rice topped with fried egg, a hearty comfort food to fill up the tummy.

dubuyo korean halal restaurant samgyetang chicken ginseng soup

A truly classic Korean dish, Samgyetang (RM24.25 ala carte / RM27.70 set), a deliciously fragrant and nutritious soup infused in ginseng herbal splendour was served together with chicken thigh and filling glutinous rice.

dubuyo korean halal restaurant spicy seafood raymeon

There is just something so addictively good about the springy Korean noodles! Cooked in a choice of chicken or beef broth, together with varieties of seafood, egg, seaweed, kim chi and sweet corn, I recommend this Spicy Seafood Raymeon (RM19.60 ala carte / RM21.90 set) when you have no idea what to order at DubuYo.

dubuyo korean halal restaurant honey garlic bulgogi beef

The best conversations usually happen at the dining table. So gather your family and friends for a satisfying and heart-warming meal at DubuYo, like this pan­grilled tender Honey Garlic Bulgogi Beef (RM21.90 ala carte / RM24.25 set), which served together with DubuYo rice, onions and a sunny side up.

dubuyo korean halal restaurant yukgaejang

For Koreans, food is much more than something to fill the tummy. It provides taste, nutrition and a connection to their culture. Delicious and comforting, this Yukgaejang (RM19.60 ala carte / RM21.90 set) is full of delightful spicy flavour with beef strips, mushroom and jap chae (Korean glass noodles).

dubuyo korean halal restaurant chi jeu dak honey mustard

This new addition crispy Chi-Jeu Dak (RM16.40 ala carte / RM19.90 set), which comes in two flavours, Spicy and Honey Mustard, will be only available untill 31 December 2016. Among these two sensational cheesy chicken dishes, I personally like the Honey Mustard version for its combination of honey mustard cheesy sweetness sauce.

dubuyo korean halal restaurant set serving

All the sets come with 3 banchan (side dishes) of the day, DubuYo rice and soup. You can also top up RM2.30 per person for unlimited refill of banchan of the day.

dubuyo korean halal restaurant nokcha green tea bingsu

Be spoilt for choices of delectably-crafted Korean desserts at DubuYo, including this Nokcha Bingsu (RM15), fine shaved ice in green tea flavour served together with ice cream and creamy red beans.


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    Adriana Thani

    December 23, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    OH. MY. GOD. The food here looks delicious!! Definitely stopping by next time I’m in town!


    Li Chuen

    December 23, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    Wow..all the food looks good 😀 I think I would want to try their Yukgaejang…

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