Timeless Malaysian Delights @ Teh Tarik Place

Timeless Malaysian Delights @ Teh Tarik Place
29 May

Teh Tarik Place

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Malaysian classic dishes are heavily influenced by the potpourri of cooking styles from the multi-ethic makeup of our population – Malays, Chinese, Indians, Peranakan, Eurasians, and the indigenous peoples of Peninsular and East Malaysia – thus, creating a burst of flavors that are diverse and complex.

Teh Tarik Place offers you exactly that, with the new ‘Simply Sedap’ promotion – it is all about treasuring Malaysian timeless comfort food that is rich in traditions. Head over now to try it out before the promotion end on 30th June 2014.


Nasi Ambeng (RM12.90)

This Malaysian-Javanese feast is meant for sharing as it is usually served in large round trays, layered with a piece of banana leaf.

At Teh Tarik Place, Nasi Ambeng can be enjoyed as a single portion, and is served with fragrant rice, along with other delicious condiments which includes tantalizing mee goreng mamak, a choice of ayam masak merah or ayam masak kicap, mouth-watering serunding kelapa, pajeri nenas and the customary ikan masin.

Before eating, chef instructed us to mix the fragrant rice, mee goreng mamak, and serunding kelapa together. Although it looked very messy, but surprisingly tasted good, with a nice balance of different texture and flavor.

What I like the most is the fragrant rice, as chef added brown rice into the normal steamed white rice, which gives a little more bite texture, and not forgotten the lip-smacking tender ayam masak merah that’s also part of the highlight of this Nasi Ambeng.


Mee Rebus (RM7.50)

Mee Rebus came about when Indian traders were moving through the country, eating and selling the food on the streets from two pots that they carried with them. As time progressed, the meal has become popular and mostly served in restaurants.

Whet your appetite with this local favourite noodle dish that comes with tangy and spicy thick gravy. Beautifully garnished with lime, chillies, vegetable, hard boiled eggs, as well as crunchy deep fried fritters, prawn and chicken, it was actually one of the nicest Mee Rebus that I have ever tried.


Laksa Johor (RM8.50)

Legend has it that Sultan Abu Bakar of Johor discovered spaghetti bolognaise when he travelled to Italy. Upon his return to Malaysia, he requested his chef to substitute the bolognaise sauce with fish broth, and it has become a frequent dish for royal ceremonies.

At Teh Tarik Place, you can enjoy a bowlful of luscious Laksa Johor served with spaghetti in a unique Malay-style laksa broth made from fish paste, assortment of herbs, chillies, and spices.


Rojak Pasembor (RM7.50)

Known as Indian rojak, this local favorite dish is traditionally sold by vendors on motorcycles that have been modified to serve as mobile kitchen as it is made to order.

At Teh Tarik Place, Rojak Pasembor is served with juicy fried tofu, deep fried fritters, cucumbers, and hard boiled eggs, covered with sweet, think, and spicy gravy. A generous amount of sesame and crunched peanut was added on top too for the extra fragrance and bite texture.

A perfect Malaysian style tea-time snack!


For more information, kindly visit or Various outlets of Teh Tarik Place are located at The Curve, Empire Shopping Gallery, 1Utama Shopping Centre, Sooka Sentral, IOI Mall, Paradigm Mall, Sunway Pyramid, Setia City Mall, and Bangi Gateway Shopping Complex.


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