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Taiwan’s Best Healthcare Practices and Innovations @ TAIWAN EXPO, Kuala Lumpur
29 Oct

Taiwan’s Best Healthcare Practices and Innovations @ TAIWAN EXPO, Kuala Lumpur




I recently went to Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre to visit the TAIWAN EXPO, which featured 12 major exhibition pavilions across 8 industries showcasing Taiwanese high-quality products and services as well as cutting-edge technology in various areas. The Taiwan Expo gave me the opportunity to learn and sneak peek into tomorrow’s smart future.

taiwan expo klcc convention centre healthcare exhibitors

I stopped by the Taiwan Healthcare Pavilion to check out the healthcare practices and innovations by Taiwan’s top medical personalities and institutions. Themed ‘Medical Services and Technology‘, there were 9 medical service and healthcare providers exhibiting in the pavilion, each one promoting their own specialty many of which were presented for the first time in Malaysia :

taiwan expo klcc convention centre chang gung memorial hospital

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

It is the world’s largest medical group with 7 branches in Taiwan. Their team was here to showcase the Proton Therapy treatment using the advanced medical technique of radiation therapy to treat cancer. Chang Gung is one of the only 2 hospitals providing this treatment in Southeast Asia.

taiwan expo klcc convention centre proton therapy

Proton Therapy is the world’s most advanced medical technique of radiation therapy to treat cancer. It has smaller effect on healthy tissues and fewer side effects. Unlike conventional radiation that can affect surrounding healthy tissues, Proton Therapy’s precise, high dose of radiation is extremely targeted and will not release any radiation dose onto normal organs or tissues behind the tumor.

Proton Therapy makes the tumor location more precise, side effects fewer, treatment course shorter, treatment effect better, organ injury less. Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital now has the newest Proton Therapy equipment which provides the best treatment for tumors.

FB Page : fb.com/changgungcaresforyou

taiwan expo klcc convention centre chang bing show chwan memorial hospital

Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital

They established the Asian Institute of TeleSurgery (AITS) in Taiwan in 2008 (the very first one in Asia with the most complete and sophisticated equipment) will highlight the Transcranial Magnetic Resonance-guided Focused Ultrasound.

MR Imaging-guided Focused Ultrasound (Exablate Neuro) is an innovative medical device that uses focused ultrasound together with MR imaging to precisely target and treat deep within the brain through an intact skull. This is a non-radioactive and non-invasive treatment that minimizes the risk of bleeding, infection, and damage to the surrounding tissues.

Chang Bing Show Chwan Memorial Hospital introduced Exablate Neuro System in March 2017 and had approved by TFAD for the treatment of essential tremor in November 2017. They have successfully treated 30 patients who have essential tremor and greatly improve their quality of life.

FB Page : fb.com/cbshowchwan

taiwan expo klcc convention centre taiwan united birth promoting expert

Hsu, Chai-Chin Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic

They showcased the unique mini-IVF technique, a patient-friendly and convenient method of receiving ovulation induction medicines.

Professor R.G. Edwards at Taiwan United Birth-Promoting Expert was the only successor of IVF pioneer in Taiwan. He was the inventor of the mini-IVF, an unique slow releasing of ovulation drug. Most infertile women need only 2-3 injections to achieve follicles maturation. Hundreds of infertile women only receive a single injection of ovulation drugs to achieve conception. Thus, one shot to pregnancy.

His team adopts artificial intelligence (AI) in IVF treatment. Timelapse embryos incubator was employed 5 years ago to observe the growth of the fertilized embryos every 5 minutes instead of observing every 24 hours. He further employed the NGS and ERA in 2015 to have a better selection of embryos for implantation. The cumulative pregnancy rates were up to 90%. He used the ovarian rejuvenation program combined with detox treatment for old aged and poor ovarian reserve women to achieve more oocytes collected and preganancy.

FB Page : fb.com/tubebaby

taiwan expo klcc convention centre treatu potential oxygen system

Treatyou Medical Technology Corporation

To enable true health without medicines? Their TreatU Potential Oxygen System has overcome the last mile of oxygen delivery in human body. It can precisely detect oxygen deficit in the human body, then prepares a big volume of oxygen with proper frequency to totally eradicate the problem of oxygen deficiency. An innovation that has been introduced into the fields of medical care and aesthetic medicine.

Website : www.treatumedical.com

taiwan expo klcc convention centre dr meiling youth spell

Nobel Medical Group

Led by Dr. Meiling, their Youth Spell Collection anti-ageing elixir that made from multiple botanical extracts and hyaluronic acid can visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles for younger-looking skin.

Website : www.drmeiling.com

taiwan expo klcc convention centre healthcare kiosk

Taiwan’s medical achievements have an outstanding international reputation and are competitive worldwide. The medical specialties of Taiwan include Laser and Eye Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Dental Implant Surgery, Liver Transplantation, Health Screening, Cosmetic Surgery, Craniofacial Reconstruction, Cardiovascular Surgery, Joint Replacement, and Artificial Reproduction.

Taiwan’s medical tourism (www.medicaltravel.org.tw) has earned praise and recognition for its high-quality medical services and health insurance system. Here are the processes for those who are interested :

Step 1 : Review your medical requirements
Step 2 : Contact Taiwan’s hospitals
Step 3 : Medical review and consultation
Step 4 : Apply medical visa and plan your medical travel
Step 5 : Hospital admission and treatment
Step 6 : Return home and follow up care

taiwan expo klcc convention centre healthcare check

Besides checking out the exhibitors’ kiosk, visitors can also learn more about their health and well-being at the Health Check Experience Zone. There were experts to share valuable information for you to better manage your health.

The Taiwan Healthcare Pavilion is also the perfect meeting point for Taiwan’s health and medical experts to touch base with their Malaysian counterparts, exploring possible business opportunities.

I am glad to spend some time at the Healthcare Pavilion, and walked away with added knowledge on the latest medical innovations and first-hand experience how some of these advanced innovations can help to improve the quality of our life. For more information on the pavilion as well as TAIWAN EXPO 2018, please visit www.mys.taiwanexpoasean.com.


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