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Stylish Cleantech Mist Spray – Effective Against COVID-19 With No Hassle
03 Aug

Stylish Cleantech Mist Spray – Effective Against COVID-19 With No Hassle

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cleantech mist spray sanitize disinfect bacteria

We heard about sanitizing, cleaning, and disinfecting more often lately due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides practice social distancing and using a mask, maintain a good cleaning habit is also important to keep us safe from getting sick.

cleantech mist spray sanitize disinfect pocket size

Thanks to my friend for her recommendation, I recently found out this Cleantech Mist Spray, an easy carry pocket-sized sanitizer that allow me to sanitize, clean, and disinfect with no hassle, convenient, safe, and stylish.

cleantech mist spray sanitize disinfect gift set

The usage of this Cleantech Mist Spray is simple and easy to operate :

– Charge the gadget for 4 hours before use.

– Upon using, open the cover of the gadget and carefully pour the liquid into the storage tank at half only (10ml/20ml).

– Please do not use overnight to avoid spray mouth blockage.

– Clean the gadget after use to prevent grease and other dirt precipitation.

– Use only Sanosil for maximum efficiency and do not mix ingredient with essential oils, detergents or gasoline.

– For use on hard and non-porous surfaces only.

– Spray on the target surface for minimum of 10-15 seconds, then wipe with a paper towel or clean microfiber cloth.

cleantech mist spray sanitize disinfect easy to use

I like this Cleantech Mist Spray because it is so much cooler to use compared to the alcohol based sanitizer that are flammable, messy, and soaky when apply to objects like gadgets, cash or key.

It is also gentle to skin hence I no need to worry my skin will get dry and sensitive due to over application.

cleantech mist spray sanitize disinfect convenient

The main highlight of Cleantech Mist Spray is its disinfectant called Sanosil. This liquid ingredient made of hydrogen peroxide and silver ion patented formulation, is Swiss manufactured since 1982.

It is tested fully and listed by US EPA for efficacy against the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 along with most viruses and bacteria. Sanosil also gained multiple global approvals from countries like Europe, UK, and United States.

cleantech mist spray sanitize disinfect safe

Tested non-toxic to human skin and not corrosive to metal, Sanosil is suitable to use at many areas, including kitchen, bathroom, office, clinic, pet corner, child care facility, fitness centre, school, factory, restaurant, and etc.

cleantech mist spray sanitize disinfect stylish

You can also use it inside your vehicle and no need worry of explosion because it is non-flammable. Just remember to store the disinfectant in cool, dry spot and keep it out of direct sunlight as well as heat.

cleantech mist spray sanitize disinfect varieties

The Cleantech Travel Gift Set (RM78) comes with a mist spray gadget and one bottle of 100ml Sanosil. They also have other products like 100ml refill bottle (RM15), 500ml refill bottle (RM48), and 100ml hand spray (RM18), which to me are priced reasonably.

cleantech mist spray sanitize disinfect battle mind

Interested? You can drop a message at their FB page Battle Mind with promo code “CLEANTECH05” to purchase with limited time offer 5% discount. For more information on Cleantech Mist Spray, kindly visit their website at www.thebattlemind.com.


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