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5 Reasons Why I Like Little Homes Jo’s Marble Cookware
21 Dec

5 Reasons Why I Like Little Homes Jo’s Marble Cookware

Little Homes

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little homes jo marble cookware non stick soup pot

Do you know that marble cookware is generally safer than non-stick cookware that is made from toxic chemicals?!! It has become popular to use marble cookware in recent years as more people are aware of the health risks associated with man-made non-stick coatings.

little homes jo marble cookware non stick wok pan

Little Homes, the household specialist who strives to provide an array of products that satisfy customer’s demand for quality and efficiency, is introducing their new product Jo’s Marble Cookware. Using only natural raw materials for the coating, the Jo’s Marble Cookware is perfect cooking equipment for everyday use to create delicious meals as it does not produce toxins that could harm our health when heated.

little homes jo marble cookware set

Having at least one non-stick cookware is quite essential in every house kitchen nowadays. Priced at RM299, the 5 pieces Jo’s Marble Cookware Set consists of 28cm non-stick wok pan with glass lid, 24cm non-stick frying pan, and 20cm non-stick soup pot with glass lid. 

little homes jo marble cookware non stick frying pan

This basic set can fulfill your simple cooking techniques like frying, stewing, steaming, braising, broiling, and many more. The frying pan can be used for quick, small tasks like eggs and pancakes; the wok pan for cooking larger dishes or for family size; and the pot is good for sauces and soup.

little homes jo marble cookware set bakelite handle

Jo’s Marble Cookware comes with a beautiful bakelite handle, which is comfortable to hold especially when you need extra grip while flipping food inside the pan. The material is also thickened to make it very durable against cracking and deformation for your daily use.

little homes jo marble cookware fast heat conduction

Jo’s Marble Cookware has multi layers at the bottom, so that it can conduct heat quickly and evenly with precise temperature control for fast cooking. How you cook your meal can have an impact on its nutritional content. There are many ways to preserve the nutrient content of foods without sacrificing taste or other qualities, and one of them is to use good cookware that can provide uniform distribution of heat, like how Jo’s Marble Cookware does.

little homes jo marble cookware glass lid

Perfect for all types of cooks, Jo’s Marble Cookware is also wide compatibility where you can use their pan and pot on an induction stove, open fire, gas, electric or ceramic glass top.

little homes jo marble cookware non stick surface

After working tirelessly at the kitchen to prepare meals, the last thing you would want to do is cleaning your dirty cookware. Jo’s Marble Cookware is easy to maintain and even safe to put in the dishwasher machine. Easy to clean without rust, you may soak the pan in hot, soapy water and wash with a sponge or non-abrasive pad. Lightly scrub the pan in circular motion with some dish detergent until the stains are lifted.

little homes jo marble cookware set shopee store

Little Homes, Where Happiness Begins! Get this gorgeous, safe, and durable Marble Cookware set at their official Shopee and Lazada stores now.

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Shopee : https://shopee.com.my/littlehomes.os
Lazada : https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/little-

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