• Monday, 15 August 2022


    August 20, 2015 at 12:07 pm

    Disappointing. Bad Services. Ordered Twister with “Otak”. I am the only customer at that time. Food serve after half an hour and i have a look on the bread and say its wrong. But the staff instead is a correct one. No “Otak” at all in the twister at all. Its all wrap with mayonnaise. I tried one bite. Terrible. No “otak” taste at all and for sure its not a correct one or did not put in any “Otak”. I start complaint but no ones want to answer me. There are many staff standing there but may be a lot a are foreign workers, they cant answer. They pass to the Chinese staff but no ones help them to answer me. They just ignore me. I am very unhappy and walk to the cashier and pay. The two Chinese staff did not answer me or look at me all all. Just standing counter playing their handphone.
    Very very bad services at this branch.- bandar puteri. Very disappointing. I think management or operation manager have to look into it seriously. Nowadays with market situation, to do well in business very difficult, in F&B line, customer services is very important.


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