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Oishii Roaster – Simply Delicious!
06 Feb

Oishii Roaster – Simply Delicious!

Oishii Roaster – Simply Delicious!

Kedai Ayamas recently launched its latest creation adding to its list of mouthwatering roasters, the irresistible Oishii Roaster!

Just as its name suggests – ‘Oishii’ which means ‘delicious’ in Japanese, features Ayamas’ widely popular and loved tender juicy roast chicken which is seasoned in a special blend of Japanese soy sauce giving the roast a soft and juicy texture on the inside and crisp deep brown exterior. This combination makes the Oishii roaster a mouth-watering affair for all Malaysian taste buds.

Ayamas Oishii Roaster is a unique product that allows customers to experience the taste of roast chicken, Japanese style. With the tagline ‘Sweet on the inside, and crispy on the outside’, this one of a kind creation is bound to please those who are always on the lookout for something new and exciting as well as those who love the wonderful flavours of Japanese dishes.

For Ala’ Carte, the Oishii Roaster is available at a price of RM27.90 for a whole roaster, half bird at RM18.90, while a quarter bird sells at RM13.90.

The new Oishii roaster is also available in sets which cost from RM19.90 to RM30.90 along with The Super Duper Deal at RM45.00.

In line with this product, promotional items include F&N Orange 1.5L- RM1.99 (save1.90), Marigold yogurt cream- RM1.69 (save RM0.50), Drumet- RM12.99 (save RM3.00), Golden nugget RM9.99 (save RM1.00), Peel fresh 1L RM4.69 (save RM1.00), Premium chicken sausages RM7.99 (save RM1.50) Black pepper / mushroom / cheese and Figo range (save RM1.00).

Kedai Ayamas Oishii Roaster is now available at all Kedai Ayamas outlets in the country for a limited time only, starting from 14th January 2014 till 31st March 2014.

For more details, visit kedaiayamas.com.my, Facebook at Ayamas Roasters or on Twitter @ AyamasRoasters.

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