5 Sharing Tips Before Your Raya Road Trip

5 Sharing Tips Before Your Raya Road Trip
24 Jun

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Hooray, the long weekend Hari Raya holiday is here! You guys have any plan to go where for celebration? Or balik kampung to reunite with your family and relatives? Here are 5 tips I would like to share before you start your “hey-hey nak balik kampung” journey.

Tip #1 – Better to be safe than sorry.

Many people take this for granted, but it is important to inspect your vehicle first before you start your journey. Remember to check also your tire pressure, radiator, engine oil, air-condition, coolant and so forth (I could go on but the lengcai mechanic is not my friend).

It would probably be a boring journey because of the traffic, so “jangan lupa tune” to the most important of them all, the radio! You wouldn’t want to miss singing along to Sudirman’s iconic ‘Balik Kampung’ tune, would you?

ramadan buffet the resort cafe sunway resort hotel spa kuih muih

Tip #2 – Eat and drink like there’s no tomorrow!

Rendang, lemang, roti jala, murtabak, serunding, and all sorts of my favourite kuih-muih… Hari Raya feasting is surely on my agenda especially with so many open house invitations from my beloved friends.

It is so easy to get tempted by all the delicious festive dishes, but resist you must if you want to jaga badanlah! Try portioning out your food, or eat moderately, and do light workouts like pushups, jumping jacks, sit-ups to burn those calories!

For quick tips, you can always cue up those work-out YouTube videos and have them handy on your phone.

jomshareraya webe online game

Tip #3 – Create your own adventure quest.

Oh well, there’s not much eye-pleasant scenic views along the highways, and plus the annoying traffic, arghhh… Therefore, having the right online games is a must for me! Minecraft, Temple Run 2, Roblox, Tic-Tac-Toe or Charades, these entertaining online games will guarantee to keep the adults and kids occupied.

Make sure that your LTE is activated in your phone to enjoy even faster, reliable connectivity for uninterrupted playtime. And with never ending data plans, you never worry about running over your quota before hitting the high scores!

jomshareraya webe selfie

Tip #4 – Memories sharing with loved ones.

The need to keep all our family and friends updated on our movements throughout Raya holidays, in pictures or videos, is common these days. Be it what we wore (#OOTD) to what we binged on (Netflix, food, yummy Raya sirap’s, kuih raya) and who we bumped into, to playing the childhood games like congkak and dam under the coconut tree – social media keeps us connected day in, day out.

With Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram as sure-win platforms, there are no reasons for us to not take advantage of taking videos! You can now share your memories, and heartfelt raya greetings on video calls, recorded video messages, or even your very own Youtube videos! That lil mobile phone in your hand is a powerful mobile studio.

jomshareraya webe no data internet

Tip #5 – To data or not, that is the question!

If you’ve been following all the tips so far; then you are ready to balik kampung or head to your holiday destinations. But wait, did it suddenly dawn on you that you may not have enough data to support you all the way through the Hari Raya break, or while in at the ‘kampung’?

Don’t worry kawan-kawan! I know a provider that offers never-ending data and high speed LTE coverage too. Now, did I hear someone shout out “webe”????


Webe is continuously rewarding their customers with the best value for their mobile experience. Ultimately, their goal is to give customers the flexibility to choose and the peace of mind to stay in touch with their loved ones at very attractive rates.

jomshareraya webe festive greetings

Aidilfitri is a time when families and friends reunite. Remember to stay connected with your loved ones; whether by face-to-face ‘bersalaman’, saying ‘I love you’ through mobile or a simple “Aidilfitri’ video greetings.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

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