How To Enjoy Your Perfect Slurp Of Udon

How To Enjoy Your Perfect Slurp Of Udon
30 Nov

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Udon, one of my favourite dishes, is a type of thick wheat flour noodle in Japanese cuisine.

Usually served hot as a noodle soup as Kake Udon in its simplest form, you can also enjoy it in a mildly flavoured broth called kakejiru, which is cooked of dashi, soy sauce, and mirin. White in colour, I enjoy its chewy texture, while the flavour of broth and topping for udon dish is also vary from region to region.

1 mont kiara japanese restaurant kodawari menya zaru udon

Zaru Udon (cold)
Chilled and served on a bamboo mat, Zaru Udon is accompanied by a dipping sauce, where diner need to dip the noodles into the dipping sauce before savouring it.

Kake Udon (hot)
A basic udon dish that is served in hot broth, Kake Udon has no toppings and is usually garnished with green onions only.

1 mont kiara japanese restaurant sushi zanmai tsukimi udon

Tsukimi Udon (hot)
It is also known as “Moon Viewing Udon”, Tsukimi Udon features a raw egg on top of the noodles to resemble the moon.

Curry Udon (hot)
Served in a bowl of Japanese curry, it is a popular dish to eat during the winter season. Remember to take care when you are eating curry udon as the noodles are prone to splash the curry on your clothes.

1 mont kiara japanese restaurant kodawari menya tempura

If your udon is served tsuke-men style with a dipping sauce, take a few strands of noodles and dip into the sauce before eating them. Udon served in kake-jiru style with a broth soup is enjoyed by using your chopsticks to lead the noodles into your mouth while making a slurping sound. The slurping enhances the flavours and helps cool down the hot noodles. You can also drink the soup directly from the bowl without a spoon.

You can also dip your tempura into your sauce or eat it separately afterwards.


1 mont kiara mall kuala lumpur

To fix my udon cravings, I often go to Sushi Zanmai and Kodawari Menya that are located inside 1 Mont Kiara. Situated in the heart of the affluent Mont Kiara neighbourhood, 1 Mont Kiara is home to a slew of global and local brands, lavishing shoppers with a palate of international flavours, renowned fashion chains, and niche lifestyle stores for the home.

1 mont kiara japanese restaurant kodawari menya

Kodawari Menya serves the best of udon from the Sanuki province Kagawa, Japan, a place well-known for making this delicious noodle. Their udon noodles and dashi soup are fully imported from Kagawa, Japan!

1 mont kiara japanese restaurant kodawari menya niku tempura udon

To provide natural and healthy food for the customers, Kodawari Menya uses rare sugar to replace the refined sugar originally used in their udon noodle recipe. Rare Sugar is unique because it contains zero calories but maintains 70% the sweetness of regular sugar, thus helping to prevent blood sugar rise after meals and fat build-up.

1 mont kiara japanese restaurant sushi zanmai

I had the Tsukimi Udon at Sushi Zanmai, which is located at the first floor of 1 Mont Kiara. With more than 20 years of experience in Japan, Sushi Zanmai has extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to the selection of fresh and raw ingredients.

1 mont kiara japanese restaurant sushi zanmai platter

Besides udon, I also always come to Sushi Zanmai for their sushi as they provide more than 100 types of sushi and 100 varieties of cooked food that are authentically Japanese.

Besides Sushi Zanmai and Kodawari Menya, 1 Mont Kiara also has other restaurants for the Japanese cuisine fans, such as Suki-Ya, Menya Kamikaze, and Pasta Zanmai. The mall is conveniently located in the heart of Mont Kiara making it the ideal place for lunch and dinner with your family and friends.

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