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How To Share And Borrow Vehicles Online With Rideasy
26 Dec

How To Share And Borrow Vehicles Online With Rideasy


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Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently went to APW Bangsar for Rideasy‘s launching event to introduce their web application as Malaysia’s first online car sharing service provider.

Rideasy.my, a Malaysian company that started in August 2016, is a new enterprise that offers a user-friendly, secure and comprehensive online platform for users to share and borrow cars from its community members.

rideasy malaysia online car sharing service provider extra income

Rideasy will be a good platform to earn some extra income for the car owners. And as for borrowers, it will be a suitable alternative transportation platform to opt from especially those seeking to be free of financial commitments of owning and maintaining a car.

Rideasy offers a wide selection of vehicles for borrowers to choose from, such as sedans, MPVs, SUVs and high-end vehicles, all at an affordable price of up to 30% cheaper than normal market rates.

rideasy malaysia online car sharing service provider ceo nizran kudus

“This is an exciting new initiative in transportation in Malaysia, as more and more young people, especially millennials, are opting to not own a vehicle due to its depreciating value. Our research showed that the younger generation does not place heavy emphasis on asset ownership, and would rather spend on travel and exploring the world. Rideasy aims to fulfill this need by providing vehicles on-demand. They’ll have the possibility of using a vehicle as needed for either a short term or for a longer period of time, whilst being free from having to bear any associated ownership costs such as hire-purchase, maintenance and so on,” said Mr Nizran Kudus, CEO of Rideasy.

rideasy malaysia online car sharing service provider omar hatmi active telematics

Omar Hatmi, MD of Active Telematics, Rideasy’s telematics partner, gave a presentation on how his company is involved in Rideasy’s online fleet management, including developes Black Box technology, Real-time Location with 1-minute based tracking, Driver Score after each trip, Monitor Fleet by regional boundaries for sub-renting or misuse, and many more.

The company will also creates a Smartphone function, where it will be integrated with Rideasy app to allow authorized users access to vehicle’s doors, with additional features like Activate & Deactivate Engine, Parked Location, GNSS Driver Alerts, Short Term Key, and Proximity.

rideasy malaysia online car sharing service provider easygiler

All transactions will be contracted with a sharing agreement to keep users in peace-of-mind. Shared vehicle will be protected with 24/7 nationwide breakdown assistance and personal accident coverage via a strategic partnership between Rideasy and Allianz Insurance.

rideasy malaysia online car sharing service provider questions

Mr Nizran and his partner, Rizal Mukti were on stage to answer questions from the guests before wrapped up the event.

rideasy malaysia online car sharing service provider team

For more information or to sign up, kindly check out their Facebook page at fb.com/rideasy.my or website www.rideasy.my, or call 603-2011 9878 to speak to their customer service executives.

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