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How To Spend Your Day Deliciously @ 1 Mont’ Kiara
21 Aug

How To Spend Your Day Deliciously @ 1 Mont’ Kiara

1 Mont Kiara

1, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel : 603-6203 0615
FB : 1 Mont Kiara

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun


I am a frequent shopper at 1 Mont Kiara whenever I come to this area for work or visit my friends. During my recent trip, I discovered 4 new F&B establishments that are just nice to feed your lunch (Ying Ker Lou), snack (Geláre), tea time (Union Artisan Coffee), and dinner (Daruma Syokudo) satisfying.

1 mont kiara mall kuala lumpur

Located in the heart of the affluent Mont Kiara neighbourhood, 1 Mont Kiara caters to an expatriate majority community and is surrounded by a bevy of luxury serviced apartments, offices, and international schools. 1 Mont Kiara is home to a slew of global and local brands, lavishing shoppers with a palate of international flavours, prêt-à-porter fashion chains, and niche lifestyle stores for the home.


Ying Ker Lou
First Floor – L1-03, L1-03A & L1-05A

1 mont kiara fnb ying ker lou hakka cuisine

Renowned for its dense taste with characteristics like salty, oily, flavourful and preserved, let’s go to Ying Ker Lou and explore the wonders of Hakka cuisine.

1 mont kiara fnb ying ker lou hakka cuisine yam abacus

The Yam Abacus is one of the famous signature dishes in Hakka cuisine. Consisting of yam dough, coriander, black fungus, dried shrimp, fried shallot, and pork bits, I like this stir fried dish for its savoury taste, as well as the contrast texture of chewy yam abacus and crunchy black fungus.

1 mont kiara fnb ying ker lou hakka cuisine lei cha fried rice

Besides offering traditional dishes, Ying Ker Lou also innovates with the old to create new, yet somehow familiar, like this fragrant Lei Cha Fried Rice to continue tantalising their customers for years to come.


Ground Floor – G-25

1 mont kiara fnb gelare

Anytime is waffle time! Baked fresh at the premise, I enjoy Geláre’s premium waffle a lot. How can you say no to a crispy, warm waffle drizzled with maple syrup and topped with their signature ice-cream made from all-natural ingredients? Chocolate Chip Treat, Rocky Road, Banana Craze, and Fruitti Lover, these are some of the fancy flavours that you should give it a try too.

1 mont kiara fnb gelare classic waffle ice cream

Besides waffle and ice cream, you can also slurp on their pasta or take a bite into their sandwiches, sip a coffee or tea, and just let yourself indulge at their chic cozy outlet.


Union Artisan Coffee
Ground Floor – G-09

1 mont kiara fnb union artisan coffee

Are you a coffee lover? If yes, then you will fall in love with Union Artisan Coffee because they are a team of people who enjoy making coffee passionately and share the knowledge of good coffee with others.

1 mont kiara fnb union artisan coffee cold brew

Doubling up as a roaster itself, Union Artisan Coffee displays the team’s dedication in brewing the perfect cuppa for their customers. Their signature Cold Brew Coffee is something that you must try here for its smooth texture and aromatic smell.

1 mont kiara fnb union artisan coffee rainbow cake

So here I am, taking a break from the shopping spree at 1 Mont Kiara, and come to Union Artisan Coffee for a steaming hot mug of mocha and a slice of colourful Rainbow Cake, while sit back with a book against the beautiful art adorning their walls.


Daruma Syokudo
First Floor – L1-20

1 mont kiara fnb daruma syokudo japanese restaurant

For light dinner, I visited the humble Daruma Syokudo for their homecook, hearty and nutritious Japanese cuisine. There are a variety of food items to choose from, which all taste delicious and in perfect balance nutrition.

1 mont kiara fnb daruma syokudo japanese restaurant seafood jewel box

Look at my bowl of mouth-watering Seafood Jewel Box! Serving generously with delightful potpourri of seafoods like salmon, tuna, yellowtail, whelk, scallop, and topped with popping ikura, this dish will surely leave you wanting for more.

‘Enjoy happiness in daily life with family and friends at Daruma Syokudo’, that is the mission where owner-cum-chef wants to offer customers here with his homecook comfort foods.

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