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Popular Costume Ideas For Cosplay Party 5.0 @ Klang Parade
27 Nov

Popular Costume Ideas For Cosplay Party 5.0 @ Klang Parade

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cosplay party 5 klang parade group shot

Cosplay is getting more popular than ever!! It is a phenomenon that involves dressing up as your favourite character popularized from the media.

cosplay party 5 klang parade disney princess

A portmanteau of “costume” and “play”, cosplay parties are events where cosplayers put on costumes to represent a specific character, be it from comics, anime, or hit shows, among others. Some of the popular cosplay costumes revolve around Disney princesses, Marvel superheroes, Anime video games, and Star Wars, just to name a few.

cosplay party 5 klang parade aladdin jasmine

Why people are so fascinated in cosplay? Because it is simply a fun activity that allows people to step out of their everyday routine and into the shoes of someone else that they admire.

cosplay party 5 klang parade

Cosplay Party 5.0 is back at Klang Parade on 8th December 2019. Happening at Main Court of the shopping mall, all are welcome to take part Cosplay Party 5.0 regardless of your nationality or age group.

Consisting of 2 categories, namely Category A for participants over 13, and Category B for participants under 12, the competition will reward winners with over RM6,000 in total cash and prizes.

Category A (13 years old and above)
Champion : RM2,000*
1st Runner-Up : RM1,000*
2nd Runner-Up : RM500*
Consolation x5 : RM100 worth of prizes each

cosplay party 5 klang parade wonder woman

Category B (12 years old and below)
Champion : RM1,000*
1st Runner-Up : RM500*
2nd Runner-Up : RM300*
Consolation x5 : RM50 worth of prizes each

* 50% cash prize and 50% sponsored prizes. All cash prizes will be given to winners on the spot.

cosplay party 5 klang parade kids category

All participants will have to go through 3 rounds of judging in the competition – Cosplay Runway Challenge, Cosplay Mall Tour, and Cosplay Talent Show. The Cosplay Runway Challenge requires participants to walk on stage as their respective characters, while the Cosplay Mall Tour will be a test of the participants’ ability to engage with the public in their alter egos.

cosplay party 5 klang parade talent show

The contest will culminate with the final Cosplay Talent Show, where participants are expected to showcase their characters in depth, either in the form of a skit, dance or martial art performance. This is often the most exciting component of the contest, as performances are usually impressive showcases of what these characters can be with just fantastic costumes and surprise props.

cosplay party 5 klang parade attractive prizes

To date, over 40 participants have signed up for the contest and interested individuals can still register at ​http://bit.ly/2DiiMwy​.

cosplay party 5 klang parade participants

So mark your calendar 8th December and come to Klang Parade to unleash your creativity in mimicking your favourite characters!!


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