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Value For Money Merdeka Meal @ Lynn’s Catering
07 Aug

Value For Money Merdeka Meal @ Lynn’s Catering

Lynn’s Catering

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lynn catering merdeka meal promotion august

Thanks to a friend’s recommendation, I ordered the Merdeka Meal promotion from Lynn’s Catering for my small gathering recently.

Themed Muhibbah Malaysia, the Merdeka Meal that consists of 1 appetizer, 1 rice, 2 main dishes, and 1 dessert is only cost RM80 including delivery. It is enough to feed 3-4 people with delicious cuisines from multi-racial.

lynn catering merdeka meal promotion basmati rice pilaf

Came in very generous portion, the Indian styled Basmati Rice Pilaf was cooked slowly with garlic, tumeric, safron, onion, and other 4 spices. It is moist and not too greasy, the added cashew nut and raisin also give the rice dish more flavours to savour.

lynn catering merdeka meal promotion tauhu bergedil

One of my favourite local foods, this Tauhu Bergedil is perfect as appetizer or tea-time snack. Stuffed with mashed potato filling mixed with chili, minced chicken, and spring onion, the square-sized tauhu pok is then deep fried with egg batter to create that crispy outer layer. Served with Lynn’s Catering special sambal kicap, it is so addictive until I can devour few Tauhu Bergedil at one go.

lynn catering merdeka meal promotion ayam goreng madu berapi

The highlight of this Merdeka Meal, the Ayam Goreng Madu Berapi. The chicken were marinated with lemongrass, tumeric, ginger, and onion before deep fried in coated crispy batter. The chicken has crunchy crust with tender juicy meat thanks to the double frying method, which I really enjoyed it a lot.

Came in 6 pieces, it is served with the addictive sos madu berapi that will make you crave for more!! Its nice sweet savoury taste will surely appeals to many different taste buds, even the children.

lynn catering merdeka meal promotion mixed vegetables

Balance your meal with some Mixed Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, and lotus root stir-fried in Chinese style with garlic and a pinch of seasoning. Love the crunchiness of these fresh vegetables, taste refreshing as well.

lynn catering merdeka meal promotion salted caramel pandan cake

If you thought the dessert would be some simple pudding or fruit platter, then think again!! This Merdeka Meal comes with a beautifully decorated Salted Caramel Pandan Cake that weighted 500g.

lynn catering merdeka meal promotion salted caramel pandan cake

The cake has a wonderful pandan fragrant and the texture is moist with nice flavour. Remember to eat your cake together with the salted caramel icing cream as it complements so well with the pandan taste.

lynn catering merdeka meal promotion dishes

Lynn’s specializes in fabulous local and western cuisine served buffet style. They are the perfect caterer for all your party, wedding, holiday and all kinds of events. They do BBQ, satay party, seminar packages, birthday party, product launches, packed food, and many more… definitely can satisfy all your needs with their vast experience in catering.

lynn catering merdeka meal promotion staff

Planning for your next gathering? Call Lynn’s Catering now at 6017-329 9077 and give them a try. They will send it to your doorstep with free delivery service from Klang to Kuala Lumpur areas. You can also check out their different menu packages at www.lynnscatering.com.my.


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