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Spend Your Wonderful Festive Holiday @ Ipoh Parade, Perak
20 Dec

Spend Your Wonderful Festive Holiday @ Ipoh Parade, Perak

Ipoh Parade

105, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil
31350 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel : 605-241 0886
FB : Ipoh Parade

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.


Long festive holiday ahead… And if you are travelling to Perak, Rejuvenate Dance Crew would like to recommend you something at the Ipoh Parade. The hearts of the Ipoh populace as a premium shopping centre for locals and tourists alike, Ipoh Parade definitely has something to offer you. Private Color’s, Dolly & Zashka, DEES, Swaganz, Ogawa, Dzi Kingdom, or Legend of Tea… Whether it be getting a gift or needing a change of wardrobe, Ipoh Parade gotchu covered!!

ipoh parade perak christmas shopping spree private colors

Private Color’s (F-17)

You can find all sort of gorgeous, super-glam styles at Private Color’s. They are home to exclusive styles for that extra something for all you glamorous girls who love a little sparkle.

ipoh parade perak christmas shopping spree dolly zashka

Dolly & Zashka (F-14 & F-15)

Combining cutting-edge design with an affordable price tag, Dolly & Zashka have been pushing boundaries for years to bring all the latest looks for less.

ipoh parade perak christmas shopping spree dees

DEES (F-39, F-40 & F-41)

With years of experience in the fashion and retail industry, DEE SENG is able to satisfy customers through its unique insight into the market. Being monitored under a dedicated team, DEE SENG product lines consist of ladies, mens, and children apparels. To remain competitive in the industry, the company outsources the materials and manufacturer from countries such as China, Hong Kong, Korea, and Thailand.

DEES is an in-house brand for DEE SENG. The main focus of DEES is to provide high quality but affordable apparels to the middle and upper-middle market segment.

ipoh parade perak christmas shopping spree swaganz

Swaganz (S45)

Swaganz is a streetwear apparel retailer offering the largest names in the international and domestic fashion scene. Boasting selections from globally recognized giants such as Champion, Thrasher and A Bathing Ape to local brands like Pestle and Mortar, NerdUnit and Stoned&Co, Swaganz also offers an array of accessories and bags to help you compose and complete your streetwear look.

ipoh parade perak christmas shopping spree ogawa

Ogawa (S07)

Ogawa means stream in Japanese. It specializes in health and wellness equipment in Malaysia. Ogawa is dedicated to share its wellness intelligence with everyone for a better and healthier lifestyle.

ipoh parade perak christmas shopping spree dzi kingdom

Dzi Kingdom Arts & Crafts (S50)

Dzi Kingdom has been trading and collecting antique Dzi for more than 12 years in Malaysia. They can provide you a fascinating explanation and myth about what’s hidden in these most talk about Dzi around the world.

ipoh parade perak christmas shopping spree legend of tea

Legend of Tea (F52)

With the stern principle of ‘value over price’, Legend of Tea emphasizes on providing top tier quality of tea leaves and products to consumers. Founded in 1993 by Mr Ng Shu Loong, the creation of Legend of Tea was inspired by the tea philosophy during the Tang Dynasty, which is drawn from the essence of teachings in Confucians, Tao, and Zen that emphasize the union of humanity and nature that leads to the highest form of tea appreciation.

Legend of Tea holds on to the philosophy and teachings of the way of tea. The company practices the culture of respect towards tea while producing all the tea products. Legend of Tea believes that the product will enhance the customers’ tea drinking experience, allowing them to embrace the beauty of tea art and the tea itself.

So come on over today to find out more at Ipoh Parade with family and friends. For more information, kindly visit their official website at www.ipoh.parade.com.my.

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