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5 Steps To Restore My Sensitive Skin With SNP Prep Cicaronic
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5 Steps To Restore My Sensitive Skin With SNP Prep Cicaronic

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Being a full-time online content creator, I have to deal with a lot of irregular daily routine plus stress from the hectic works and tight datelines.

Sometimes, in order to finish the urgent tasks, I need to stay up quite late. My poor sleeping habit has caused my skin to become sensitive lately and displays symptoms like redness and tingling.

snp prep cicaronic skin care product range

Thanks to a wonderful opportunity, I get to try out a range of Cicaronic products by SNP Prep, which include face wash, toner, ampoule, cream, and sheet mask. It features the best harmony of Cica Trio (representative of soothing ingredient) and 3 layers of Hyaluronic Acid (representative of moisture ingredient), combining together to create SD’s exclusive ingredient, Cicaronic!

snp prep cicaronic skin care product ingredient

What is Cicaronic? It is actually a combination of Centella asiatICA and hyaluRONIC acid. Centella Asiatica is the most representative derma ingredient that is widely known as medicinal ingredient to prevent skin damage. While Hyaluronic Acid is like a moisture sponge that stores more than 1000 times more moisture than its own weight, creating a strong moisture barrier with its different sizes of hyaluronic acid from the bottom of your skin.

snp prep cicaronic skin care product cleansing foam

First step, I wash my face with Cicaronic Cleansing Foam (RM79.90 for 180ml). Its mild and creamy foam gently cleanses my skin without stripping away essential moisture. This cleanser contains soothing ingredients formulation to soothe my irritated sensitive skin, while the natural fatty acid provides rich foam and conditioning polymer that keep my skin moisturized even after cleansing.

snp prep cicaronic skin care product toning essence

After cleansing, I take an appropriate amount of Cicaronic Toning Essence (RM79.90 for 220ml) onto my palm and absorb it on entire face. With distinctive calming effect, this toner provides full hydration with mild-based formula and soothes sensitive skin while maintaining skin balance.

It regains moisture to my tired skin and provides energy to recover at the first step of my skin care routine. Completed test for skin irritation for sensitive skin, its hypoallergenic mild formula contains skin-friendly ingredients to minimize the stress and keep skin clear and translucent.

snp prep cicaronic skin care product soothing cream

At the last step of skin care, I apply sufficient amount of Cicaronic Soothing Cream (RM79.90 for 50g) over entire face and gently wrap with my palm to let it absorb.

Highly enriched, this high functioning cream contains moisturizing essence that gives soft texture when applied and maintain moisture for a long time. The perfect savior cream for irritated skin, it enhances the power of skin recovery with highly densified centella extract for strong soothing effect.

snp prep cicaronic skin care product sheet mask

To further calm my skin especially after going out to work whole day and being exposed under the sun for long hours, I apply the Cicaronic Sheet Mask (RM99.90 for 10s) after cleanse face and put toner on the skin.

It has high content of soothing ingredients like Cica Trio and Sodium Hyaluronate, which can effectively calm my irritated skin. Suitable for daily use, I like its 100% natural derived silk-like soft fabric that can delivers soothing and moisturizing effect to my skin with excellent hygroscopicity and dense structure.

snp prep cicaronic skin care product ampoule

SNP Prep also offers a 7-day intensive treatment care Cicaronic Ampoule (RM79.90 for 1.5ml x 7ea) when you need specialized protection on your tired and sensitive skin. Its active ingredients can quickly soothe your skin within a week, helping it to improve the regenerating power and add synergy to your skin.

I like the light-weight texture. Enriched with moisturizing power, its watery formula provides 3 layers of moisture, soothing, and hydration to make tired skin calm and restore radiant again.

snp prep cicaronic skin care product before after

Containing SNP exclusive ingredient Cicaronic, these products are able to soothe and restore my tired sensitive skin by helping it to recover stronger and faster. After tried it for two weeks (before use in green top, after use in black top), I can notice my skin appear healthier without much redness and get less irritated despite the continuous busy lifestyle.

snp prep cicaronic skin care product range

For more product info and latest update on promotion, kindly check out SNP Malaysia FB page at fb.com/snpmalaysiaofficial.


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