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SedapTV Aims To Be Malaysia’s Ultimate Food Platform
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SedapTV Aims To Be Malaysia’s Ultimate Food Platform

Sedap TV

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Spurred by the love of Malaysian food and the rampant access of online technology as an information, learning and commerce platform, SedapTV was established in June 2019.

sedaptv food hub malaysian recipes

It was created as a food hub which offers the public access to hundreds of quick and easy Malaysian recipes, honest food and product reviews, as well as providing a convenient service through its app (to be launched soon). The app will have a directory of food related businesses whilst at the same time able to create an easy-to-use grocery shopping list. It’s aim is to be the Ultimate Food Platform, a one stop shop for everything to do with ‘Food’!

sedaptv food hub malaysian recipes roti jala

SedapTV is a unique proposition from other food-related websites and app as it is an all-inclusive platform, which encompasses a large range of services, products, and audio-visual content. Within its meticulously designed infrastructure and well curated creative content, it also strives to support home-based food businesses through reviews of new products and brands in the market, as well as giving them a place to be found by more consumers.

Content for SedapTV has been growing consistently since its inception, with over 300 quick and easy recipes, entertaining food reviews and exciting long form content is still underway. Currently enjoyed by audiences across Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, America and Australia, it is on a positive trajectory in bringing delicious Malaysian food to the world. Occasionally it features family favourites from Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam, expanding its content appeal regionally.

sedaptv meal kit steamed chicken with ginger home cooked food

“SedapTV was created to bring delicious Malaysian recipes and Malaysian food to the world through various platforms. It is our mission to make it both a comprehensive and invigorating platform not only for food lovers, food explorers and kitchen warriors but also anyone and everyone who is involved in the food business and bringing them closer to consumers. SedapTV goes beyond just creating great content but also ultimately supporting an industry,” said Elyna Effendi, Managing Director of SedapTV.

sedaptv meal kit steamed chicken with ginger ingredients prepared

An exciting addition to the SedapTV family is the SedapTV Meal Kit, which is already available to be enjoyed. These meal kits come in a box containing pre-portioned ingredients for selected recipes of delicious Malaysian food from SedapTV, for one to make their very own home-cooked meal.

sedaptv meal kit steamed chicken with ginger marinating

Taking into consideration the hectic family lifestyle people lead today and the current pandemic implications and restrictions, the SedapTV Meal Kit offers the perfect solution to create delicious meals easily and within budget. They are quick and easy to order and can be delivered within 4 hours (T&Cs apply). This method also encourages Zero Wastage as buyers are sent the exact amount of ingredients needed.

sedaptv meal kit steamed chicken with ginger convenience

The current menu of SedapTV Meal Kits include Salted Egg Butter Chicken, Eggplant Sambal, Fishball Soup, Steamed Chicken with Ginger and Pudding Batik priced between RM19 to RM26 (each is enough for 2-3 pax), with more being added to the menu monthly.

sedaptv food hub malaysian recipes mobile app

Currently under development the SedapTV app will soon be joining the other mediums available. This must-have app is envisioned to be the most convenient one-stop-shop for all thing’s food with a variety of functions. These include shows & restaurant reviews, curated quick and easy recipes with video guides, home chef kitchen tips & hacks, online cooking classes, grocery shopping list, food supplier/producer listings, local eateries directory and e-commerce for micro-businesses.

sedaptv meal kit eggplant sambal

“SedapTV is looking forward to executing our growth plans within the next 5 years including expanding our reach to cover a regional market. This will be achieved by broadening our content to include more regional and international cuisine. Additionally we will be producing even more engaging and exciting content and encouraging user-generated content. SedapTV has been fortunate enough to work with many brands in the food industry so far such as MyChef, Thermomix and Mahsuri to name a few, and we look forward to working with many others in the future. Also in the works is growing the menu of our meal kits and expanding its distribution nationwide (currently only available in Klang Valley),” added Elyna.


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