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Korean Inspired Sweet Spicy Gangjeong Chicken @ Marrybrown
13 Apr

Korean Inspired Sweet Spicy Gangjeong Chicken @ Marrybrown


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Annyeonghaseyo… Let your taste buds take a scrumptious trip to Korea with Marrybrown’s all-new sweet and spicy, Gangjeong Chicken.

With 40 years of constantly innovating and introducing something different, Marrybrown goes the extra mile this year by bringing Malaysians Around the World to serve nothing but the best of the best delicacies catering to local taste buds.

marrybrown korean inspired gangjeong chicken sweet spicy

Since its establishment, Marrybrown has ensured to never stray from their beliefs and to continuously progress to serve delectable tantalising to the local taste buds. As they enter another decade, Marrybrown is grateful for their memang best fans who have believe and supported them throughout. With that, Marrybrown has decided to bring Malaysians on an unfailingly gastronomic adventure around the world.

marrybrown korean inspired gangjeong chicken combo

Coated in a combination of sweet and spicy sauce, Marrybrown’s Korean Gangjeong Chicken is packed with flavours that hits you right at the heart of the tongue. You can opt to chow-down on either 2 or 3 pieces of Gangjeong Chicken Combo priced from RM17.90.

marrybrown korean inspired gangjeong burger

Fans can also enjoy mouth-watering juicy burger paired with charcoal bun to elevate the taste of spice as soon as they sink their teeth into it with Gangjeong Burger Combo priced from RM15.90. All combos come with crispy Potato Wedges and a cup of Coca-Cola to quench their thirst.

marrybrown korean inspired gangjeong chicken rice bowl

Gangjeong Box includes both the Gangjeong Burger and 2 pieces of Gangjeong Chicken, which also comes with a cup of Coca-Cola and Potato Wedges, priced from RM 25.80. While Marrybrown’s latest offering of Gangjeong Rice Bowl Combo is packed with steamed rice and a generous serving of chicken cutlets, priced from RM 11.90.

marrybrown korean inspired gangjeong chicken varieties

“To be able to reach another decade is truly a blessing for us especially with the current uncertainties. Every day, we count our blessings and is sincerely grateful to those who has allowed our meals be a part of the memories they create with their friends and family,” mentioned Dato’ Joshua Liew, Chief Executive Officer of Marrybrown.

marrybrown korean inspired gangjeong chicken set

“Although having already adapted to the new norm, we know that most Malaysians are kancheong to travel overseas and to immerse themselves in the food and culture other than their own. Since we cannot do that for now, what we want to tell fellow Malaysians is jangan Gangjeong. We will soon have that opportunity and until then, let us be the ones to bring the joy of travelling to you, by introducing delicacies from parts of the world they miss or have never been too,” continued Dato’ Joshua.

marrybrown korean inspired gangjeong chicken shopee

To hint and tease their fans of what is to come, Marrybrown decided to let eager fans be among the first to get their hands on the meal on 8 April through their pre-order via Shopee held on 4 April (4.4), which sold more than 1,000 meals on that day itself.

marrybrown eggstrapadu salted egg meal citta mall outlet

Marrybrown currently serves millions of customers in more than 500 restaurants across 16 countries with the objective of delivering the highest standard of quality, service, cleanliness and value for your perfect dining experience.

marrybrown korean inspired gangjeong chicken promotion

For more information on Marrybrown, its promotions and delivery services, kindly visit www.marrybrown.com/mb-delivery.

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