Must Watch Heart-Warming Clips @ Ipoh Parade Youth Short Film Festival

Must Watch Heart-Warming Clips @ Ipoh Parade Youth Short Film Festival
17 Sep

Ipoh Parade

105, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil
31350 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Tel : 605-241 0886
FB : Ipoh Parade

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.


What is short film?

A short film is any motion picture not long enough to be considered as feature film. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences defines it as “an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits”.

ipoh parade youth short film festival guests

The recent Ipoh Parade Youth Short Film Festival is an initiative by Ipoh Parade to celebrate young and aspiring filmmakers in Malaysia. The first of its kind for the mall, the Film Festival seeks to become a launch pad in the form of a contest for creative youth who are fearless and innovative in expressing their artistic talent.

ipoh parade youth short film festival winners

Interested participants were required to submit a short film of their making in the manner and format stipulated in the contest’s terms and conditions. Submissions must adhere to either one of the following themes – Empowering the Youth of Tomorrow / Perak, My Home / Malaysia, Kau Ku Cinta / My School, My Life (only applicable to the Insta Video Category). Here are the list of winners for Open Category, Amateur Category and Insta Video Category :

Open Category (under 30 years old)

First Prize : “Home” by Cheah Seang Hong
From greenery forest to urban city, feast your eyes on the wonders of Perak! Get a glimpse on the precious moments captured by Cheah Seang Hong what made Perak a home for everyone.

Second Prize : “Apai” by Muhammad Irfan bin Muhammad Nizam
The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. Gasps on this inspiring short film by Muhammad Irfan to take a view on how the kids from rural area overcome adversity to go to school for the cause of a better future.

Third Prize : “Merdekaku In London” by Syaqeer Haris, Aras 2 Production
“Patriotik bukan sahaja semangat yang dihebahkan, tapi tindakan rakyatnya yang mencerminkan darjat negaranya di mata dunia.” Near, far, wherever you are… Check out this inspiring story on how to love our country Malaysia!

Consolation Prize : “Sebuah Kepulangan” by Muhammah Hakim Bin Hasnan
What makes a home? Is it the memories? Or is it the people? Find out what it means in this original short film by Muhammah Hakim.

Consolation Prize : “05” by Soong Kah Yan
Soong Kah Yan shows the audiences a unique perspective and experience of her home in this short film by bringing us around the streets of Ipoh.


Amateur Category (under 21 years old)

First Prize : “Roti Kosong” by Muhammad Umar Akmal bin Zairul Hisham
Beauty lies within simplicity. Muhammad Umar Akmal shows us a tale of love story evolving from just a simple dish of Roti Kosong in his heart-warming short film.

Second Prize : “A Journey to the Heart of Malaysia” by Ian Phang Khai En
Malaysia is so unique! We may have different religions, different colours, different backgrounds, but we are still one Malaysia. Ian Phang features the beauty of diversity and how we celebrate all types of ethnicity in unity in his delicious short film.

Third Prize : “Diabetes Awareness” by Eliza Goh
Health is the one thing that people tend to neglect as we are busy catching up with our daily lives. Eliza Goh send out a simple message through this video to raise our awareness on diabetes.

Consolation Prize : “Reunion” by Howard Leong Yiq Zhenn
How do you spend your Chinese New Year? It is the festive season where we get to unite with our loved ones. Catch all the exciting feels and happy smiles on this short clip by Howard Leong.

Consolation Prize : “The Voice” by Nicholas Tan
Dreams will turn into reality, as long as we remain passionate and determined in the things we do. That’s a couraging message presented in this short video by Nicholas Tan.


Insta Video Category (under 30 years old ; 1-minute limit)

First Prize : “School Life My Life” by David Lee Lek Wee
Check out David Lee funny short clip before it is too late!

Second Prize : “Eat It, Clean It” by Henri Lee
What do you do after you eat? Do you throw your own trash away? Or do you just leave it behind? Check out what you should do in the short clip by Henri Lee.

Third Prize : “Why Do We Love Malaysia” by Eunice Chan
What do you love about Malaysia? Catch on this touching short clip by Eunice Chan to know how others feel about our beautiful country Malaysia.

Consolation Prize : “My Day” by Evon Chan and “My School My Life” by Chan Kagami

Congrats to all the winners of Ipoh Parade Youth Short Film Festival, and good job to Ipoh Parade for organizing such meaningful event to encourage and nurture the young filmmakers in Malaysia. I look forward for more aspiring short films in future from these creative youths.

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