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4,000 Scholarships For Students Further Study @ MyUCAS.net
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4,000 Scholarships For Students Further Study @ MyUCAS.net


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Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently went to The Oak Room at Nexus South Bangsar for the launching event of MyUCAS.net™ (Malaysian Universities & Colleges Admission System).

myucas scholarship award student further study website

If you do not know what is MyUCAS yet, it is a unique online technology platform combining worldwide universities and colleges with students around the world, by working through the Official Representatives of the Institutions globally. The services and benefits offering by MyUCAS is revolutionary and aiming to change the pattern of mobility of students around the world.

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A transformed business entity combined all resources and experiences by the founding group of the Company, MyUCAS has over 18 years of industry expertise. MyUCAS offers unbiased and comprehensive information on tertiary institutions around the world, and linking students to be guided by professional education counselling and student services agencies nearest to them.

myucas scholarship award student further study dato joseph hii founder

The Founder cum Group CEO of MyUCAS, Dato’ Joseph Hii W S, worked for Universities and Colleges in several countries since year 2000, and started with a humble education marketing and students recruitment firm back in 2005. Since then, the Company has grown gradually from a one-man consultancy firm, to the MyUCAS platform that we witnessed today.

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MyUCAS is launching a total of 4,000 Scholarships worth RM60 millions from 23rd February 2019 onwards to the end of 2020, with gross value estimated at RM55 Million, for deserving students to further their studies at tertiary institutions within Malaysia.

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They work closely with private universities and colleges in the country, as well as major industry companies, to jointly offer minimum 50% Scholarships (out of total course fees) to benefit all students around Malaysia and South East Asia.

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On top of that, 10% of the Scholarship Awards will be granted 100% Scholarships for their studies, where at least 400 selected students will go through the ‘Young Leaders Programme’ to cultivate their life skills in problems-solving dilemma, entrepreneurship, communication, self-recognition, and current issues awareness.

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Students who hold the right qualifications can apply for the right course and institution, to qualify for the Scholarships through MyUCAS website directly. Selection priority will be given to students recommended by MyUCAS Industry Partners. They will be getting direct rewards and value-added services as well including career discovery and enhancement training, psychometric testing analysis, and so on.

myucas scholarship award student further study mou

The 4,000 Scholarship Awards will be announced and released gradually from now till end of 2020, with 1st batch of Scholarships to be announced on 23rd February 2019, together with supporting institutions as follow :

1. INTI University & Colleges
2. HELP University & Colleges
3. Snips College of Creative Arts
4. Spectrum International College
5. Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences
6. Others – to be announced

Apart from academic courses offering by universities and colleges, MyUCAS Scholarships also applicable to technical and vocational courses such as Automotive, Hairdressing, Electrician training, Movie Production, Culinary, and etc.

The 1st batch of supporting Industry / Company Partners are :

1. Bio Perfect Sdn. Bhd.
2. Sincere Creations Internaitonal
3. Bio Life Sdn. Bhd.
4. Phyto Science
5. Tan Sri Yasin Salleh
6. Titi Jasa Resources Sdn Bhd.

myucas scholarship award student further study guests

All associates of HEGroup will be automatically become MyUCAS Referral, to be entrusted to recommend friends and relatives to apply for MyUCAS Scholarships with preferred status. Active Referrals will be granted Rewards Points under MyUCAS reward system.

With the extensive global coverage by MyUCAS network, participating institutions and their representatives can enjoy on-going branding and marketing exposure through their online events and promotions around the world. MyUCAS can effectively help to increase the student enrollment for its global partner agencies.


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