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New Cherry Blossom Inspired Beverages @ Starbucks Malaysia
26 Mar

New Cherry Blossom Inspired Beverages @ Starbucks Malaysia

Starbucks Malaysia

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starbucks malaysia spring merchandise tumbler

Thanks for the wonderful invitation, I recently got the opportunity to try the new Cherry Blossom-inspired beverages by Starbucks Malaysia, which will be available in stores from 26 March 2019 onwards.

starbucks malaysia spring season blend

Celebrate a time of year marked by new beginnings and renewal with Starbucks® Spring Season Blend (RM40). The blend delivers a big syrupy body with striking flavors of dark cherry and cedary spice notes. It combines 4 distinct coffees from around the world, incorporating the qualities from each coffee growing region for which it is famous.

starbucks malaysia spring beverage azuki blossom creme frappuccino

Azuki Blossom Crème Frappuccino® (new, starting from RM17.50)
Frappuccino® lovers can celebrate the return of the cherry blossoms with this decadent beverage. Featuring creamy milk blended with ice and red bean to create an earthy but sweet treat. Topped with Azuki and fluffy whipped cream, with falling petals of white and pink rice blossom petals and tart cranberry bites.

starbucks malaysia spring beverage matcha azuki blossom creme frappuccino

Matcha Azuki Blossom Crème Frappuccino® (new, starting from RM17.50)
Featuring the creamy and deliciously bright flavors of matcha and savory red bean, topped with pink and white rice puffs and cranberry bits that cascades over the whipped cream and red beans – capturing the season’s fleeting beauty in a cup.

starbucks malaysia caramel macchiato different milks

Caramel Macchiato with Almond Milk or Coconut Milk (new, RM15.50 onwards)
The delicious, multi-layered Caramel Macchiato begins with milk steamed until it’s smooth followed by a rich espresso shot poured through the milk foam and finished with a crosshatch of caramel sauce for a sweet finish.

Adding a twist to the all-time classic, this popular beverage can now be customized with almond milk, or for the first time in Malaysia, coconut milk.

starbucks malaysia spring merchandise collection

Starbucks also offers a fresh Spring Merchandise Collection featuring drinkware and collectables in varied shades of pink, purple and gold hues. Recreate the magical scene of cherry blossoms in bloom with the collection which depicts the oriental cherry blossom and the donarium cherry blossom.

starbucks malaysia ar camera sakura tree

In celebration of the cherry blossom season, Starbucks Malaysia has also planted Artificial Reality Sakura Trees in all its stores. Leveraging on Facebook’s AR Camera technology, Starbucks brings to life Japan’s famous cherry blossom trees into its stores through three phases: budding, in-bloom and full bloom. You can now witness the exquisite and graceful beauty of the cascading sakura, while sipping on their favorite springtime beverages.


starbucks reserve coffee beans vietnam da lat blend

Additionally, Starbucks Malaysia has also introduced new and returning Starbucks Reserve™ Coffee Beans flown in from around the world. Introducing the new Vietnam Da Lat blend (RM65) which comes from the beautiful terroir of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. The high-quality Arabica beans grown in an ideal cool and mist-shrouded pine forest brings a medium-bodied trifecta of flavors capturing toffee, kola nuts and cocoa peel. Renew your passion for coffee brewing with new and returning Spring Reserve™ beans:

Kenya Kanguru (new, RM65)
A medium-bodied coffee bursting of white flower aromas and zesty lemon-lime notes and a subtle black currant sweetness. The unique growing conditions on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, combined with the care given to the processing of the beans bring us in the words of Ann Traumann, Starbucks Reserve™ coffee buyer, ”perfectly balanced and very good cup.”

Ethiopia Bitta Farm (returning favourite, RM85)
Grown in the Kaffa Zone of Ethiopia — the birthplace of coffee — the medium-bodied Ethiopia Bitta Farm permeates perfumed jasmine aromas with ginger spice and orange peel accents and has a medium acidity. Having previously featured both the sun-dried and washed coffees from the Ethiopia Bitta Farm, Reserve™ is delighted to feature this coffee farm’s beans for the third year.

Jamaica Blue Mountain (returning favourite, RM380)
This medium bodied coffee originates from the Jamaican mountainside and grown beneath the peak of the 2,250-meter Blue Ridge. This anticipated returning favorite whole bean coffee is certified to the highest quality which results in a complex cup of floral aromas with layers of citrus flavor and a hint of cocoa.

starbucks malaysia spring merchandise water bottle

For more information, please visit Starbucks Malaysia website at www.starbucks.com.my.


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