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5 Reasons Why I Like OSIM’s uLove 2 Four-Hands Massage Chair
07 May

5 Reasons Why I Like OSIM’s uLove 2 Four-Hands Massage Chair

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In today’s highly competitive world, our hectic lifestyle is detrimental to our cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health. Even worse, it contributes to an increase in people being diagnosed with the non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

osim ulove 2 four hands massage chair masseuse

To prevent ourselves from becoming the victims of NCDs, we should take regular breaks at intervals and do some stretches. We also need to get on our feet to move around a little before resuming our work. Getting a massage is important as well to maintain our health as studies have shown that massages have many benefits.

osim ulove 2 four hands massage chair chia sook fun

Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently went to Cheras Leisure Mall for OSIM‘s roadshow, and get to experience myself their uLove 2 massage chair, which designed by Japanese chiropractic massage expert, Sato Tsuyoshi.

osim ulove 2 four hands massage chair ivy kam

The session was awesome because uLove 2 can provide double the benefits of a typical massage, thanks to its revolutionary four-hands massage technology that effectively emulates the experience of being massaged by 2 masseurs at the same time. Besides that, uLove 2 has an intelligent V-Hand™ massage system that is designed with 720 degrees roller balls that rotates 360 degrees, both horizontally and vertically, to effectively mimic a masseuse’s hands.

osim ulove 2 four hands massage chair ivy kam

Moreover, the uLove 2 comes complete with the OSIM mobile app that allows users to pair and control the massage chair seamlessly from their mobile devices. It also allows users to download new massage programmes every quarter, for free.

osim ulove 2 four hands massage chair

For more relaxing experience, this advanced uLove 2 has built-in state-of-the-art 3D surround sound speakers with wireless music playback system, allowing users to listen to their favourite tunes.


osim ulove 2 four hands massage chair the chinese physicians acupuncturists association

In conjunction with the roadshow, OSIM featured top local masseurs in a competition that showcased the four-hands massage technique.

osim ulove 2 four hands massage chair masseuse competition

The competition, participated by masseurs from 6 groups under the Federation of Chinese Physicians and Acupuncturists Association of Malaysia (FCPAAM), was aimed at drawing parallels between the conventional approach to massages and OSIM’s own massage technology, featured in the uLove 2 massage chair. It also enables OSIM to demonstrate the ability of its revolutionary technology in mimicking human hands to provide relief to tensed muscles and body aches.


osim ulove 2 four hands massage chair 40th anniversary contest

Recently recognized for “The Best Spinal Health Protection Brand Award 2018” by the Malaysian Spinal Health Association, OSIM is launching the “OSIM 40th Anniversary Contest” in conjunction with their 40th year anniversary celebration this year.

The contest will be running for 40 weeks from 29th April 2019 until 2nd February 2020, and offers over RM400,000 worth of prizes with 4 prizes to be handed out to winners each week, including a massage chair.

osim ulove 2 four hands massage chair andy lau

OSIM is also introducing its Mother’s Day promotion program where customers can obtain a waiver of up to 4 months on their installment plan for selected OSIM massage chair. Those who are interested in the uLove 2 massage chair can visit any of OSIM’s outlets across the nation.


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