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Taste Sweet Sensations @ The Loaf
16 Jul

Taste Sweet Sensations @ The Loaf

The Launch of Exciting New Sweet Taste Sensations – Creamy Ampan and U-hu-hu Cheesecakes

The Loaf, Malaysia’s premium Japanese-inspired bakery, announced the launch of several exciting new sweet taste sensations. Three new flavoured Creamy Ampan (Japanese red bean buns) and over a dozen new and deliciously flavoured U-hu-hu signature cheesecakes, available only at The Loaf, were launched in Kuala Lumpur recently.

The Loaf Chairman YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad accompanied by YABhg Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah officiated at the launch held at The Loaf’s 11th outlet, SOGO Kuala Lumpur. Also present in the official party were Puan Sri Datin Motoko Suzuki and The Loaf’s Managing Director, Mr Jiro Suzuki.

In his welcoming address to The Loaf’s loyal customers, Tun Dr Mahathir said that The Loaf aimed to maintain its position as the premium Japanese style bakery café and that its expansion plans were aimed at reaching a much broader customer base. He added: “Offering new products and extending the range of existing products is a hallmark of The Loaf and I believe this sets us apart as a market leader. In an effort to make the delicious, world-class breads and pastries accessible to more Malaysians, The Loaf has opened two new outlets in the Klang Valley over the past few months and we have more to come.”

Mr Jiro Suzuki commented: “The Loaf has continuously strived to be an innovator in introducing delicious new products. This creates a sense of anticipation with our loyal customers who regularly visit us as they know there will always be something new to experience when they visit one of our stores. As such, we are launching three new flavours of our Creamy Ampan series and new base doughs in our well respected U-hu-hu cheesecake along with more than a dozen new flavours.”

Mr Jiro explained that the Creamy Ampan (Japanese red bean bun) is now being offered in the flavours of original Fresh Cream, Espresso Coffee and Green Tea. Original Fresh Cream is a rich combination of red bean paste with fresh whipped cream. Espresso Coffee offers the combination of fresh whipped cream, subtly sweetened homemade red bean paste and the distinctive and strong flavour of rich espresso coffee. The Green Tea flavoured bun is made from the finest imported green tea.

The concept of U-hu-hu was explained by Mr Jiro who commented: “U-hu-hu is a celebration of happiness and friendship in a caring environment. It is a Japanese term that originates in the melodious laughter of Japanese women associated with happiness, especially evident while enjoying delicious sweets and other delicacies. It is a sound heard when women gather to share tea, sweets, conversation and friendship.”

“Our master bakers have developed a new range of hand-crafted U-hu-hu items that are delicious, fluffy and preservative free. They are made with passion and inspired by the tastes of flowers, herbs, berries and fruits,” added Mr Jiro.

The exciting new U-hu-hu range is now offered in two new creamy based doughs. The baked version has a rich cheesy flavour while the unbaked version has a slight sour but much lighter and fresher taste. A new and enticing range of flavours include apricot, blackberry, citron, coconut, melon, banana, blackcurrant, green tea, kiwifruit, lychee, mango, orange, passionfruit, peach, raspberry, blueberry, cranberry, and strawberry. Mr Jiro also commented that the new U-hu-hu range is now to be offered with transparent packaging to show more freshness and lightness of the U-hu-hu.

The Loaf concept offers Japanese-styled bread and pastry items baked by Japanese master bakers using premium quality ingredients, mostly imported from Japan and Europe. While the recipes have evolved in Japan over centuries, they are further enhanced by the state-of-the-art cooking techniques and equipment used in The Loaf’s kitchens and also include local elements to showcase the cultural diversity that Malaysia has to offer. The Loaf’s first outlet opened in the picturesque marina location of Telaga Harbour Park in Langkawi in 2006. The Loaf’s flagship outlet is situated in the prestigious front entrance location to The Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.


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