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Bad Boy Cooks @ Setiawalk Puchong, Puchong, Selangor
10 May

Bad Boy Cooks @ Setiawalk Puchong, Puchong, Selangor

Bad Boy Cooks

B10-G, Block B, SetiaWalk
Persiaran Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47160 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel : 603-5891 1206
FB : Bad Boy Cooks Setiawalk

Business Hours :
Mon – Sun


How well a bad boy can cooks? I would say pretty awesome and delicious!

A corner shop lot located at Setiawalk Puchong, customers can happily dine in here comfortably with bright lighted environment and oldies played softly at the background.

Checker flooring, bright red cushion seating, steel table in silver color, Bad Boy Cooks reminiscences the old school American fast food diner concept, serves a wide range of classic western foods, ranging from snacks like hot dog, nacho, and fries to mains like salads, pastas, burgers, grilled meats, and many more. Judging from the restaurant’s ambience and interior decoration, I was quite surprise by their affordable price range.

Some of the signatures not to be missed here at Bad Boy Cooks including :


Bad Boy Wings (RM6)

If your life is boring and need an extra kick, come try this Bad Boy Wings that fully covered with their famous spicy chili sauce. Warning, this is not for those who has low spicy tolerance!


Chilli Fries (RM6)

French fries, everyone favorite! And what made this thick cut fries even more appetizing was the Bad Boy Cooks’ famous topping of mixed chilli beef and cheese. Super flavorsome and addictive. Oh no, gone my diet!


Chilli Nachos (RM6)

Crispy hand-cut corn chips match with the awesome chilli beef and cheese, another not-to-be-missed snack here at Bad Boy Cooks!


Slaw Dog (RM9)

Need a quick bite? Served with long cut fries at side, I found this Slaw Dog quite interesting because of the wasabi coleslaw that chef stuffed it together with the chicken sausage and cheddar cheese inside a long bun. Not too overpowering, I quite enjoy the little pungent kick from the wasabi coleslaw.


Bad Boy Mash (RM4)

Simply awesome with its whipped potato’s smooth and creamy texture, it was one of the nicest versions I had tried before! Served with brown sauce, customers can also add-on your favorites like chilli beef (RM3), pomodoro (RM2), peppercorn (RM2) or mushroom (RM2) on top to treat your tummy a wonderful indulgence experience.


Bad Boy Garden (RM6)

Here at Bad Boy Cooks, customers can customize their salad according to your mood and appetite. With Bad Boy Garden as the base, which comes with seasonal colorful salad leaves and other mixed vegetables, you can add-on grilled chicken (RM4), tuna (RM3), mushrooms (RM3), cheese (RM1) or egg (RM1) to make it mouth-watering for your own taste buds. Not only the side ingredients, you also can choose either Bad Boy Caesar, Ginger and Soy, or Bad Boy Island as the salad dressing.


Chilli Olio (RM8)

Despite the pricing, pasta dishes at Bad Boy Cooks are prepared upon order, hence you can have that nice cooked spaghetti texture compared to those microwaved one. This Chilli Olio had their signature hot and garlicky spice sprinkled generously on top the spaghetti, with add-on egg (RM1) served at the side.


Al Funghi with Beef Bacon (RM12)

Creamy spaghetti with assorted mushroom and generous amount of shredded cheese placed on top. My favourite meaty Beef bacon was an add-on with only RM3.


Tempura Fish (RM10)

For main, this Bad Boy favourite, Tempura Fish, tasted quite good, with lightly tempura-battered fish fillet plus homemade coleslaw and cut fries served at side. Customers can choose your favourite sauce to goes with the fish fillet, either pomodoro, mushroom or peppercorn.


Cajun Chicken (RM12)

Served with smooth creamy whipped potato and coleslaw at side, this grilled chicken that marinated with Bad Boy Cajun spices tasted quite enjoyable and not too dry. Again, customers are able to choose your own favorite sauce to goes with your meat, either brown sauce, mushroom or peppercorn.


Katsu Bowl (RM9)

Served on Japanese short-grained rice with salad and mayo, those who prefer rice dish can opt for this Katsu Bowl that comes with deep fried succulent chicken cutlet breaded with panko. Alternatively, Bad Boy Cooks also offers Tempura Fish or Tempura Vege for customers to choose from than the crispy Katsu Chicken.


Sloppy BB Burger (RM13)

Served with long cut fries at the side, this Sloppy BB Burger comes with a wonderful double cheese beef patty. If you ask me what’s so special of it? To me definitely is the flavorsome chilli beef, which somehow the burger would not be complete without it!


Bad Boy Madness (RM19)

Never underestimate someone’s madness, especially if you are at Bad Boy Cooks!

A huge portion of sinfully fattening dessert that perfect for sharing among 3-4 pax, we had what the kids will usually scream for piled up nicely on a big plate. Chocolate brownies, vanilla ice creams, cookies, and fresh bananas with lots of crushed nuts, chocolate chips, colorful sprinkles, whipped cream, and delicious chocolate sauce poured generously around the dessert, please tell me if you can still keep your cool with this??


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