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Breakfast Specials @ McDonald’s Malaysia
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Breakfast Specials @ McDonald’s Malaysia

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As the very first – and most important – meal of the day, there’s always time for breakfast regardless of who you are, what you do or where you want to be. So what’s your breakfast personality?

Why taking breakfast is so important? Here are 4 good reasons that you should practice it now every day.

1. It may protect your heart. In a recent study that involved almost 27,000 men, researchers found that those who didn’t eat a morning meal were 27 percent more likely to develop heart disease than those who did.

2. A morning meal is a necessary fuel not only for your body but for the brain as well. Eating breakfast can really help to improve your concentration and productivity. There is nothing quite like starting out your day like a champion – pumped up with energy and ready to do all the things that are most important to you.

3. It gets you moving. You have places to be, things to do, decisions to make, goals to achieve, and study shows that people who ate breakfast were more physically active during the morning than those who didn’t. That might be because a temporary increase in blood sugar gave them more energy. Your ideal breakfast shouldn’t slow you down – it should keep up with you in convenient serving sizes packed full of flavour, energy and power.

4. It cheers your mood up during the day. Why not start your great day with a fulfilling breakfast with the people that you love the most. Breakfast can be a wonderful opportunity to share your mornings over a hearty meal – taken at leisure over stories, jokes and laughter.


Kick-start your day at your nearest McDonald’s restaurant with its Breakfast Specials. Enjoy the convenience of McDonald’s Weekday Breakfast Special with juciy grilled sausages, farm fresh eggs, toasted English muffins, Premium Roast Coffee and more!

Otherwise, you can choose to slow down and savor every minute of your weekend mornings with your loves ones over a McDonald’s Big Breakfastfluffy scrambled eggs with a tender grilled sausage, crispy golden Hash Browns, warm toasted English muffins and a Premium Roast Coffee.

Breakfast done right at McDonald’s!

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