Simple, Fast & Personal Mobile Banking Experience

Simple, Fast & Personal Mobile Banking Experience
16 Mar

Maybank Malaysia

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With three key principles of simple, fast and personal in mind, the new Maybank app not only understands what you need but also how you feel. The redesigned Maybank app seamlessly plays a part in your life without getting in the way of it. Incorporating a brand new experience, the app helps you get on with what’s important to you, now.

new maybank app mobile banking play store android devices

The new Maybank app will be released to public on both App Store and Play Store for iOS and Android devices. Just search ‘Maybank’ and lookout for the icon with the ‘New’ banner on the top left.


The design for the new Maybank app is based on industry best practices from the user journey to the look and feel of the app. Through vigorous brainstorming, complex prototypes, grueling usability tests and improvements, the new design presents a seamless view of all your accounts with an improved user experience.

new maybank app mobile banking interface design

Every millisecond count! Everyone is all about speed and performance these days. Logging in to Maybank2u, performing transactions and paying your bills are now so much faster.

If the app is not working, it is probably because you have jailbroken or rooted your device. This is a protection given to you for your peace of mind as jailbroken and rooted devices are vulnerable to fraudulent attacks. As another security measure, your device will be tied to your Maybank2u access. This means that you cannot go around logging in to your Maybank2u on someone else’s device.

new maybank app mobile banking jailbroken

Key Features
1. Quick Touch
Nothing beats doing things at a heartbeat in this fast-paced world. If you are using one of those techy devices with fingerprint scanners, just scan your fingerprint and boom, here’s your account balance!

2. Bill Payment
Paying bills each month can be quite a tedious tast, so the app has quickened and simplified the process to make it easier for you. Pay your utility bills on the Maybank app and leave your worries behind.

3. View and Pay e-Bills
Forgot your outstanding bill amount? Don’t worry, the app has got you covered. Register your Celcom, Digi, TM or Astro as a favourite biller and view your bill statement and summary at an instant on Maybank2u itself. Your balance due will also be shown upfront at your convenience so no more fumbling between emails to just find out the amount due.

new maybank app mobile banking pay e-bill

4. Prepaid Reload
Don’t want to get cut off from the world with no communications. Running out of credit is no joke. Buy your prepaid top up (Celcom Xpax, Digi, Hotlink, Tune Talk, U Mobile and Altel) from the Maybank app and stay connected with all your buddies at all times.

5. Open Fund Transfer
Now, you can transfer funds to anyone with a bank account. Split and share that dinenr bill and transfer your portion to your friends instantly. It doesn’t just work with tranfers to Maybank, you can transfer money to your friends on other banks too.

new maybank app mobile banking open fund transfer

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