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How To Prevent Early Osteoarthritis For People Have Active Lifestyle
30 May

How To Prevent Early Osteoarthritis For People Have Active Lifestyle


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Do you know that nearly 20% of people having arthritis is due to injury to a joint (post traumatic arthritis)?

early osteoarthritis kordels eggshell membrane boswellia joint stiffness

Thanks to the wonderful invitation, I recently went to a talk by Arthritis Foundation Malaysia, targeting athletes in suspected “red zone” that has high potential risk to encounter early osteoarthritis.

early osteoarthritis kordels eggshell membrane boswellia dr benjamin cheah

Joining the talk were special speakers include Dr Benjamin Cheah , President of Arthritis Foundation Malaysia, Dr Muhammad Rahmani, Sports Physician at University of Malaya Medical Centre, Mr Zid Ng, Kordel’s Brand Manager, as well as Mr Mike Mahen, Mr World Champion and Professional Body Builder.

early osteoarthritis kordels eggshell membrane boswellia mike mahen

Scientist found that people with intensified exercises or physical activities or sports tend to have higher chance in developing osteoarthritis as compared to people having low physical activities.

Long distance runners and soccer players are at higher risk of getting knee osteoarthritis. People engaging in intensified walking and gardening had a 3x risk of developing knee osteoarthritis than sedentary persons. In contrast, in the absence of acute injury, long distance jogging did not appear to increase the risk of osteoarthritis.

Watch out for these signs and symptoms of joint stiffness and injury :

* Chronic pain – pain on and off, does not seems to go away
* Stiffness – difficulty in movement, feeling of stiffness, rigidity and pain
* Swelling – especially after exercise or physical activities

These “silent” joint injuries are signs and symptoms telling you that your joints are undergoing damaging processes and you need to pay attention to it early to avoid getting into early osteoarthritis.

Eggshell membrane is the thin membrane found between the egg shell and the egg white. Biologically, it’s there to work with the shell to protect the egg yolk from outside contaminants. Eggshell membrane contains collagen, elastin and glycosaminoglycan, which are found in our body. According to research, extracts from the membrane of an eggshell may improve the symptoms of knee osteoarthritis, and offer an alternative to glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate. The safety profile for eggshell membrane is also significance as there are no known side effects, except for the egg allergy concern.

Kordel’s Eggshell Membrane plus Boswellia is formulated with a blend of hydrolysed water-soluble eggshell membrane and Boswellia extract which contains boswellic acids. This daily joint supplement has a Double Actions Formula that can help to repair Joints, Cartilage and Ligament while reduces join Inflammation, helping joints to recovery early.

Eggshell Membrane plus Boswellia contains 2 unique patented ingredients : the patented Biovaflex from eggshell membrane that provide 6 bioactives to nourish and regenerate joints, cartilage and ligaments, while patented Boswellin from plant Boswellia extract acts as natural analgesic that stops inflammation fast and effective without side effects.

Kordel’s Eggshell Membrane plus Boswellia is suitable for people with :

* Active Lifestyle (continuous use of joints that cause wear and tear)
Example : brisk walking, simple gym and exercises, yoga

* Competitive Sports (straining on joints with extra force that cause tendons and ligaments easily damaged)
Example : badminton, body building, football, kick boxing

* Overweight (extra pressure on joints where constant repair on joints needed to prevent pain during movement)

* Marathon (minor damage on tendons or ligaments not attended early, causing a slow progression to osteoarthritis)

early osteoarthritis kordels eggshell membrane boswellia

Clinical research shows that with just one capsule of Kordel’s Eggshell Membrane plus Boswellia a day and your joint pain can be relieved within 7 days. Give your joints nutrition and protection early, so that you can continue to move and enjoy great things in life! For more information, please visit http://bit.ly/2ZcNUXu.

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