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An Alcohol-Lover’s Paradise @ SHOP by Travel Recommends
13 Aug

An Alcohol-Lover’s Paradise @ SHOP by Travel Recommends

Shop by Travel Recommends

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Finally… I can now make merry at home with liquors from all over the world without having to step outside, because safe-drinking and social distancing matter!!

I discovered SHOP by Travel Recommends not too long ago, as they have recently launched a wide range of alcohol beverages that include cognacs, whiskies, liqueurs, champagnes, wines, tequila, sake, beer, and pretty much everything under the sun. Guess what… these drinks have been selling like hotcakes since the time they were launched, just about a couple of weeks ago!!

shop by travel recommends malaysia alcohol lowest rate

So what sets SHOP by Travel Recommends apart from the rest of their competitors? Let’s find out 😉

Lowest Rates Guarantee

When the SHOP platform claimed they have the lowest price in Malaysia, you can have ABSOLUT trust in them. Not only are they determined to keep their prices at the lowest, but they also vouch for the prices you get are always the best available online. Found a cheaper price for the same product elsewhere? Drop them a message and they will either match or beat it!

Additional Discounts

Do you want the lowest rates guarantee plus additional discounts on your favourite alcohols? YES please… With a minimum spend of RM350, you get to enjoy Extra RM20 Off with promo code IVY20. This sure seems like an amazing deal on top of the lowest prices for the drinks.

shop by travel recommends malaysia alcohol jim beam

Free Delivery to West Malaysia

Shipping fees can be a hefty amount to pay, especially when you are shopping for alcohol online. Fortunately, SHOP platform has decided to offer Free delivery service to customers who have spent a minimum amount of RM400 on the website for alcohol. They are also looking at expanding their alcohol delivery services to East Malaysia real soon.

Drinks for All Occasions

Every drink is a personal choice. Have you ever felt bummed when you can not find your favourite alcohol after scrolling down till the end of the page on the website? We have all been there, done that. With the SHOP platform by your side, you could find what you have been looking for all day and all night. You can even drop them a text if you have a specific drink on your mind and they will try their best to get you the exact one – yes they can do that!

shop by travel recommends malaysia alcohol japanese liquor

If you have not checked out their website by now, just bear in mind that the Malaysia Alcohol segment is definitely the next big thing to look out for as they are offering the lowest prices for all the popular liquor brands. It is truly a paradise for all alcohol-lovers out there.

Visit SHOP by Travel Recommends now at www.shop.travelrecommends.com, or Whatsapp your enquiries to 65-9778 0205.


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